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The Mounting

Added: October 25, 2021 | Runtime: 17:41 | 25,200 views
Inspired by Davey's love of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining", this film contains many easter eggs for horror film aficionados. Can you find them all? Just in time for Halloween, we hope you enjoy this special treat.
Recent Comments:
Ok, so this was the scene Kubrick wanted to use in "Eyes Wide Shut" but didn't have the balls to do! Lol!! Great fun, guys, and sexy as fuck!
Nico is a most accommodating playmate.
Great fantasy video, love Luke as part of it. Love to see more with Luke and other Trans actors. Maybe 2 in 1 fantasy
I know that they were going for "dramatic" lighting but it was a bit overdone. When I am watching porn I want to see the action. You could have easily missed the fact that one of the men was "trans" Intent was good and the three guys were hot. Just wish they had stepped back a bit on lighting effects.
So this comment may come at the expense of me loosing my gay card, but I am not a huge fan of halloween, or horror movies. I think i fell asleep at the last horror movie night i was invited too, so I can't comment on the easter eggs. What I will say is that this was one hot movie from start to finish, and especially liked the fact that Lukes trans identity was not a feature or plot line, he was able to express his identity and have that celebrated by his fellow actors making it one hot, connected scene. He is hot, authentic and really connected with the other men. I understand his introduction to Himeros, and i definitely benefited from his tutorial as a cis gay man but now that that is over, I hope to see a lot more of him or other trans men in the mix at Himeros. It makes for a much more inclusive website. Thanks again Davey and team for another great scene, and Happy Halloween.t
I agree w SteveWV. Wanna see more of Luke!!! 😛🍆
I loved this video. I love Luke. I loved watching three guys exploring each other and the openness between the three men. I loved all the ass eating and I was very turned on watching Luke getting fucked by the two men. There is something so sexy watching gay men opening their minds as well as their bodies to new experiences. I loved that this story was just about three humans enjoying each other in the most intimate way.
It has an erotic soundtrack, but it is so dark I could rarely figure out what was actually happening. Can we get a well lighted version?
In the heat of this moment what can I say that expresses how much this video does for me?! The powerful sexual energy is complete! I had to get my little brown bottle out because I was with these beautiful men! I’m afraid any attempt at a compliment would be woefully inadequate. But yet I am attempting it. Thanks for an outstanding production!
Davey, I have to agree with rhino445, the "lack (and wrong use) of Lighting,' was this video's big technical flaw! IMHO, and my observation, as a veteran professional TV Camera Operator, production specialist, incorporating a handsome actor, however said actor being a man of color, set in a even darker scene, with the assonance of a strobing red light! (Think of the potential negative impact of causing an epileptic fic!!!!) truly missed the mark. Davey, I expect better creative "sensibility" from the production crew. Otherwise, I am very much enjoying my subscription to HIMEROS TV. BRAVO to the addition of LUKE HUDSON in expending the diversity in "Love Making" Experience! What an eye an opening educator, and mentor LUKE is to me, in providing a better understanding and appreciation for the challenges and sexual possibilities found within Trans Community. Thank You So Much. I am SO PROUD OF YOU LUKE!
I definetely want to see more of Luke & other trans actors like Ari Koyote.
Nice video, plenty of action just shame about the lighting.
Lighting was poor because it appeared they were going for effect not function. Also did Bama cum? Maybe around 15:30 but it's really hard to tell. And I would love to have seen if he came in Nico's mouth. That's what I wanted to see from the beginning.

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