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The Gift

Added: March 11, 2024 | Runtime: 20:14 | 16,649 views

A man gifts "his boy" to a friend - and a threesome of pleasure and ecstasy unfolds.

Concept by Court Vox: https://thebodyvox.com/

Recent Comments:
This has always been my deepest fantasy…to be gifted to another man. Very sexy. Loving the threesome scenes with hairy men that have been popping up here
Some videos are hot, some are beautiful, some are moving. This one is all three and more. I think it bears watching several times. Once to masturbate, once to notice carefully what is happening (I wish the verbal exchanges were much easier to hear!), and one to ponder what the depth of male friendship capable of. What might happen if we gave ourselves permission never to own, possess, jealously guard our lovers, but looked for opportunities to share, and so deepen, our relationships?
Oh so nice
I enjoyed watching the video. It was very special. I'm quite wet now!

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