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The Ass Class - Himeros LIVE

Added: January 8, 2021 | Runtime: 01:11:26
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video.
Recent Comments:
Hi Guys - - - I loved loved loved the Ass Class video (will post something there) and appreciated this follow-up discussion. Thanks Davey, Finn, and LeoRising for a great and fun discussionπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ». Below are some comments. Best, ---Empatheros2 aka Richard D 1. LeoRising: Great analogy of gym cl-ass as taught by Brad Amberheart (love Brad!)... and OMG just think of "Brad Amberheart's Gym Class" .... what a healing and growth experience that'd be! .... My theme today should be "What Would Brian Boitano Brad Amberheart Do? 🎢 2. Love the mirror/hole idea, Davey... btw, I find the anus contractions during orgasm magnificent/erotic. I found a clip on the Internet that I kept (for scientific evaluation) and entitled "best ever anal pulses" and then the same guy posted a new version that I had to entitle "brand new best ever anal pulses." Bless that man! 3. RE Jan 6 / polarization in general : I want to support healing and understanding as US tries to move forward...while 81 million people voted for Biden, 74 million voted for Trump ...that latter statistic shocks me but means there's an incredible divide to be bridged; I am at a loss, Finn/all---Appreciate any heart-centered suggestions (ask Sam too πŸ’ž).