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Temple Of Sex

Added: October 3, 2022 | Runtime: 09:39 | 25,538 views

If you ever want to see a man convulsing and pulsing in whole-body orgasmic ecstasy, you don’t have to teach him any special techniques. Just ask him, ”What excites the living fuck out of you sexually?” And, “What really matters most to you in life?” Then, focus your full, undivided attention on exciting the living fuck out of him while simultaneously reminding him—out loud—of what a beautiful soul he is, and how much his presence on Earth really matters.

Watch, while his body lets go into a space of complete safety, excitement, and affirmation, where nobody even knows—or cares—anymore who’s “top” or who’s “bottom,” and where all that matters is that finally, there is a place where I can completely LET GO and enjoy that fucking wonderful, mind-blowing unstoppable orgasm, free from every care in the fucking world, knowing that I am held, loved, and free to be just who I am.

And now…watch what happens when SIX men did just that.

Let this video be an inspiration for a new kind of excitement. Even if you don’t find yourself at a fantastic orgy anytime soon, we hope this video will serve as a vision for new possibilities for you, your sex life and everyone you touch.

Concept by Brad Amberheart: https://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
it would take me a lot of (internal) work and a long time to be able to let go and receive in such a way -
I think that today is the first chance I've had to watch this video all the way through...2 full years after we filmed it. I'm noticing that there are only 2 comments before mine...and I'm simultaneously noticing that what I'm seeing on the screen in this video is quite unlike anything I've ever seen on a porn site. What's different? Well...for one thing, there are 6 naked, horny, leather-and-latex-clad men, having sex together, in one room, while simultaneously talking about manifesting and creating the lives of their dreams, and continuously affirming one another's self-worth. I'm watching, from the very first minute of this video...as men who have felt belittled or even invisible for so long are actually being told they are perfect the way they are, all while being pleasured and propelled into heightened states of body-trembling pleasure. I'm watching orgasm after orgasm ripple through the room--without cum! The orgasms never stop through the whole video. Yes, I would say that those are several good reasons this is quite unusual "porn". I could even venture to say this this video might be one of the first representations of what group sex might look like, among men who've had some time to let go of their fears, their inhibitions...even all of their memories of what "porn" really is...and simply to have settled into their natural state of never-ending orgasmic fucking bliss as men who fucking LOVE men. Gay-Men, and Hallelujah! (P.S. What you DIDN'T see in the video was me, hiding behind the bathroom door, listening to every single grunt, groan, and shout of fuck-joy, making sure to stay out of the camera shot, hearing the handcuffs clanging against the metal bed frame, thinking..."FUCK! I wonder how long it will take before this video is edited and I get to see all of this fucking ridiculously HOT sex that I'm not getting to see right now". Context: I was the retreat facilitator and on-set Tantric Sex coach at this particular shoot in New Mexico in 2020, and the men you're seeing in this video had been experimenting with Tantric sexual pleasure and sexual magic together for 5 full days before this video was filmed. This video was actually an active play party and Tantric healing ritual that we created as a group. I hope to create more experiments like this again, but until then...my hope is that even a fraction of the magic and healing we wove there together can be transmitted to you via this video! Loving Regards, Brad Amberheart.
Love the temple of love!!!

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