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Added: July 24, 2023 | Runtime: 21:20 | 55,264 views

Nico receives a letter inviting him to a house of curiosities. He's running late and skips out on a required errand for Vander. Displeased by his lover's disobedience, Vander "punishes" Nico accordingly. But it is not the punishment that brings Nico to tears... it's the affirmation that follows.

"Tears" isn't about crying so much as it is about holding the space for tears to flow. It means creating a deep level of trust and safety; when we cry, we are vulnerable and open. Seeing that level of vulnerability in a lover - and receiving those tears - is a tremendous and sacred gift.

Video concept by Court Vox: https://thebodyvox.com

Recent Comments:
What moving performances from both actors! There has to be a best actor nomination, if not award, for Nico Nova.
this is beautiful. Nico is amazing.
I totally agree with heyBob1. I’ve been a fan of Nico from the beginning and my admiration has grown as he has continued to do wide range of scenes here. This one I think is the best yet, showing his huge range. In most scenes so far he is the more dominant man. So to see the range of submissive and vulnerable expressions and feelings in this long scene and how genuine and authentic, just amazing. I am so glad that Nico is one of your regular performers.And hope he will continue to be. Curious about his background and training. Bravo, bravo bravo
Nico’s performance seems so authentic and convincing. Kudos to both models!
Mixed review. Certain elements are very hot on their own, but from the start I was turned off by the blatant littering 15 seconds into the video. Maybe because this type of power/submission dynamic is lost on me I only saw certain small images as hot.
Davey Wavey
Haha... rest assured it's just a scene and we picked up the discarded envelope.
Domination and Submission is more than a trope. It is a complex archetype, I think. There is something deeply human and profoundly sacred about the whole action or event of voluntary submission. I think that is why we have such political and social problems around justice. Voluntary submission is one thing. INVOLUNTARY submission is quite a different matter, resulting in huge problems. The power exchange in some spiritual traditions is explicit. The god becomes human, allows himself to be vulnerable, dominated, perhaps even sacrificed, thus setting the pattern for how the ordinary human being is, in Nico's word here, "honored" to be the bodily host of the dominant man's cock, hand, semen. The affirmation scene says it all. Domination is fearsome and terror-striking unless and until Power chooses to express itself in kindness and mercy. It's wonderful that this porn video depicts a dynamic that many spiritual traditions and venues lack the courage to unpack and portray explicitly.
This scene stands alone. It’s not often I watch a scene and get mesmerized by the people in it. This one to me felt as if they had such a chemistry, trust and knowledge of each others desires, limitations and most of all, both allowing vulnerabilities to be present, as they each looked for a common nirvana, while expanding their own comfort zone. There’s one thing I’ve noticed and admire in this scene and the others, it’s the fact that the performers get to show their humanity and it doesn’t feel fake.
Powerful as well as hot. At the start, I thought the acting was a bit wooden BUT I then realised the actors were acting at acting (ie, acting that they were acting a 'scene' [yes I think BDSM/scene etc has layers within layers). I've done v little sub-dom stuff, but to me it seemed we witnessed genuine 'sub-space'. Maybe it was: if not, then amazing acting. I guess there's quite a bit of 'Method' acting ie the actors are not (for example) imitiating being highly sexually aroused - they truly are. As someone who had paddled in the subdom shallows this was educational. But, in the end also ultra-hot. Since rejoining Himeros I've tended to just watch rather than watch and self-pleasure. But, towards the end of this one, I made an exception...
I have to agree with all of the comments pertaining to Nico and Vander. Their performances were perfection. Nico's performance was so emotional. To get off subject can you tell us a bit about that beautiful home? It is a stunning piece of architecture.
Davey Wavey
Yes! It's a mansion in the midwest, and was built in the late 1800s. We filmed 12 scenes there, so you'll be seeing much more of this house in the months ahead. Each scene starts the same way... receiving a red invitation.
Davey, please add more of this type of Powerful, Passionate, Verbal, Genuine and Authentic love making between men. It is truly one of your best! This was porn predefection!
This dynamic was so hot! I love S/M and the master dynamic ended up being really sexy, even though it’s not something I’m used to. And Nico’s accent is very hot.
Nico is the Meryl Streep of gay porn!
Holy shit your podcast brought me to tears. And the video was incredible. But your story about your friend losing his partner. I love that a podcast about porn is one of the most emotionally and psychologically important parts of my life. Thank you Davey, and thanks to Mossy and Finn.
that was fucking intense
This video was an eye opener for me. I am not inclined to BDSM but this was wonderful and educational for me. If they were”acting “ it was superb acting. Very entertaining.
Just wonderful
There's alot of coments prasing Nico's performance but lets not forget Vander, and his performance. It takes 2 good actors to make a scene as good as this.
When can we see Vander in some other scenes
Davey Wavey
Yes! More coming soon!
I have been a fan of these two models for most of their careers, but I am not certain I had ever seen them together. The scene was exciting felt very authentic, and they were both excellent.

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