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Teaching The Tutor

Added: November 6, 2023 | Runtime: 18:24 | 19,353 views

In general we associate wisdom with age. As we gain more experience in life, we learn from our mistakes, our challenges and our successes. And whether it's formally through education institutions or informally through family and friends, the flow of that wisdom is generally from older people to younger people.

However, the wisdom can flow both ways. Indeed, younger folks tend to be more deeply connected to fun, playfulness, joy and hope. These behaviors and emotions are often clouded with age as we become more jaded and cynical in our later years. If we're willing to listen, young people can helps us reconnect to this lost part of ourselves.

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
This looks SO hot!
Damn that was so hot. The fun and enthusiasm and the playfulness. I so enjoyed it. They sucked me in to the carefree play. I've got to watch this again. Calvin's orgasm was awesome. All three of them just made me want to join in on the play.
This scene is like many traditional gay porn scenes, except everyone involved seems happy to be there and is having fun. Unlike many scenes on Himeros, everyone has an orgasm. That’s a nice thing.
That is the same reason I never learned Algebra properly!Still no good at it, but i can deep throte a cock like you wouldent belive and swallow what comes out of it!
Such a wonderful scene. Fun and playful and intense and amazing. I agree: Calvin's cumshot was AMAZING. But then, everything in this scene was. Thank you so much.
It's like you were reading my mind on this one. My dirty juvenile algebra tutor learning mind !!
Can you please remove socks, specially white, dirty socks. That is sooooo turnoff for me! Otherwise the video was good!
It is hot!!

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