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Tantric Twister

Added: April 11, 2022 | Runtime: 10:57 | 29,697 views

When we laugh and play, we tap into our ecstatic body. That part of us that is silly and mischievous, giddy and excited. Awakening the ecstatic body is a big key to having memorable sex.

When you consciously connect and bond through creative play, you have a shared intention to uplift and support each other. This inspires a state of mind that strengthens the feeling of connection and amplifies arousal when sensuous energy is added.

Bending the rules can be fun, too. And in the best adult games, everyone is a winner.

Video concept by Will Tantra: https://linktr.ee/tantricfitness

Recent Comments:
Brings back memories of playing twister as a child with the neighbors. Having your friends ass in your face at a young age brings certain feelings to the surface for the first time. 😊
Playful, sexy and erotic. a vey fun scene. Just one question, where did Thyle go? Are we supposed to assume he was a voyeur in this scene, or just left, Would have been really hot to see him incorporated. Didn't ruin the scene, but could have enhanced it. Great job, and always a pleasure to see Pierce. He is such a gentleman and a pro.
Where did Thyle go? He starts out directing the scene—HOT—then decides to up the difficulty level by pouring on the oil turning twister into a slip-and-slide, and then ¡poof! he’s gone! Did he get bored? Did he have to take a phone call? Was he trying to figure out a way to keep the lube from dripping off the twister mat on to the carpet so they wouldn’t lose their security deposit? Weird story arc for him. If I were Thyle I would have at least stayed to watch. Seems like a missed opportunity.
Davey Wavey
Thyle disappeared to join the scene coming out on May 4th! :-P I know, I know... everyone wants more Thyle! He's a beautiful guy.
Absolutely agree with the above. Would have been hot to see him not necessarily get involved, but just to pull down his shorts, pull out his hard dick, and jerk off while he watched. Shooting his load at the same time as Seth did. Reshoot! LOL.
I will never play twister again without thinking about this video! I was wondering what happened to Thyle too.
Oh yes! Thyle gone AWOL is NOT OK for unlimited reasons especially his cuteness overload! LOL! Loved the playfulness of this scene.
Memories from the Folsom Street Fair of years past.
And to think it coulda been a threesome, hot as it was — and it was!
Respect to Pierce to do even things, that are not his favorites. Of course it’s hot to see that big masculine ass with cock inside that tight hole. He looks like good hearted guy, who is surely ideal buddy and can’t say ,no” to the people if they ask him for something.

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