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Tantric Seduction

Added: February 8, 2021 | Runtime: 16:25 | 14,405 views

It's common knowledge that the sexual spark between two men in a LTR will oftentimes fizzle, even if it began with regular, passionate sex. It is also common knowledge and cliche to tell couples that it takes work to keep this spark alive and to add variety to their sex lives. While adding toys, scheduling date nights and working with a sex coach or therapist are all valid options, oftentimes it’s just one half of the couple who is leading the mission to re-establish the sexual magic; the other half may feel that the amount of sex they’re having is just fine.

The dissatisfied man is usually the one with the higher sex drive and the other simply does not have as much sexual energy or desire. This can create a powerful imbalance that leads to deeper issues over time. Catching this trend in the early, subtle stages is ideal, but once this element has manifested in a relationship, what are some simple and practical actions that guys can do to help get them back on track that don’t require any financial or significant time commitment?

This video will offer a tried and true method for partners to affectionately bond together when one of them is not feeling horny for the night. Through this connection, they cultivate the sexual energy that inspires an unexpected evening of pleasure.

Video concept by Will Tantra: https://linktr.ee/tantricfitness

Recent Comments:
Davey. You guys have an uncanny ability to make these scenes so realistic it is like watching real life, not a video. Pierce portrayed his stress from the day perfectly. Thyle wanting to lovingly reduce his partners stress was fantastic. The shoulder rub and chest massage was a great beginning. I liked the way they talked with each other and called each other baby. When Pierce lied down and Thyle was rubbing his chest and legs you could feel the stress in his body beginning to lessen. When his pants came off it showed how much Thyle cared about him when he kissed his chest, legs and dick. When the sucking began it was nice to see Pierce's hand on his shoulder. The sucking was done in a loving way. I really liked the way he put emphasis on his dick head. The hand holding with fingers intertwined showed a great connection between the two. I just loved the way he kept kissing his dick. It shows he really loves him and his body. You could feel the stress melting away. The deep throating was carried out tenderly too. When Pierce got really horned up his face fucking was fantastic. Not like a horned up frenzy but slow and passionate. The ball sucking was the beast I have ever seen. Baby that feels fantastic. Nice words to hear. When he came the stress of the day was gone. Well done Thyle. I also like the fact that this video shows you don't have to have a rock hard dick to enjoy great sex. This video like many of your other videos is a masterpiece. The music was beautiful two. Now after that beautiful love making session, let's get dinner. Loved the RV with horns on it too.
What a unique location I loved it. Very "camp," but in a good way. The only thing I will say is that although the concepts came across, it didn't take Pierce very long to come around, maybe too soon, but then I have never been seduced by Thyle, so who am I to say. I may be alone in this and I will say that i do like the length of videos that Himros produces. They are right in the sweet spot of keeping the viewer engaged, and relaying important techniques, while allowing the viewer to take the info and fantasize about it or incorporate it in their practise. I definitely like it better than the large studio approach of trying to produce a 30 minute porn drama, where i typically check out 15-20 minutes in, so maybe the trade off maybe that plots develop more quickly. Just a small thing and definitely not a deal breaker for me, but I thought I would mention it. Well done.
SO hot to see a boy take such good, loving care of his man at the end of a long day.
A masterpiece. I must say plenty of flashbacks to my first BJ. Thyle has a masterful tongue. He definitely took care of sexy Pierce. The facial cum shot got me to shoot. Thank you for a beautiful example of two men making love ... not just having sex. Keep it UP! I know you will.
Davey Wavey
This is certainly a masterclass in sucking cock!
Great video! I love seeing ball worship incorporated into Himeros content.
A good video on levels that others have noted above. What was "tantric"about it?
Davey Wavey
According to Will Tantra: "For me, what makes anything Tantric is the intention to love, connect and be present, either alone or with partners. I also like to remind people that Tantra is not all about sex. We can love, connect, and be present in all aspects of our lives when we consciously choose to. Thus making any moment in our life, Tantric."
Great cock and ball sucking. So refreshing to see a full on blow job scene that doesn’t develop into penetration.
This is a great scene. I love the realness of the video. It is so hot, i've come back and watched it several times already. Fantastic ball sucking, you don't see very much of that unless it's only briefly incorporated. I look for videos of ball sucking, I find it so hot!
I have never before seen a porn video in which I identified so completely with both characters. It was so real, I could feel myself there. Love, connection, and presence were there from beginning to end. A true masterpiece!
A true love, sexual and erotic video and so realistic
This is my first comment on a Himeros production. I just couldn't watch this without saying something. I spent the last year of my life living in a small camper out in the middle of nowhere with frequent visits from a man I know call my partner. Also, my first. This video encapsulates what it was like to fall in love while at the same time faced with the stress & weight of the day to day grind. At the end of the day home is found in not what we have, what we can distract ourselves with, or call our own but the love and intimacy that we cultivate within our relationships in understanding, empathy, and open hearts. Whether that may be found with another person or (maybe most importantly) within ourselves. These two shown in this video, in a very sexy way, share with us that it doesn't matter what you have but how you show up for each other that makes a relationship strong. Again, even if that means how we show up for the relationship we have with ourselves. At the end of this video I craved to see the aftercare and affirmation that these two are capable of. Looking forward to all that is yet to come :') kloveubye
Brilliant, wonderful comments, very positive, loving, uplifting. New here only day two Tantric training on the menu. Retreats.
Great video for anyone studying the craft. Scintillating. Learned a lot. Advanced training love it. I love to slow them down, watch for technique - you can always learn something. The Dudes must be taking lip plumper - fantastic lips for men. Outlined for effect, maybe something shiny/lipstick so that we know they're there. More men should wear lipstick.
Almost passed out - it's that-hot. Had to watch it again in 1080, highly-recommend 1080. If ye know what I mean. Incredible photography, lighting, composition - real professional's. Models sensational - hope they still date off-set.
I just returned to Himeros; and it is films like this that are the reason. I never see films like this on a porn site. So tender and erotic. I love all oral films.
The move with the guy's balls was new to me, will have to try it out at the next chance. The work with the hands was good - but it could have been great. I am always conscious to always be doing something with both hands while making oral love to a man. Does that mess up my balance? Sure, but it is about getting him into a deep erotic place. Grab the thighs and glutes with strength. It is also good to let a hand slide between his legs and rub his taint (I don't think I saw that move here). I did love when the blow job got particularly wet. It turns out you cannot get things too wet in my experience - it all starts to look like cum, a very good thing. If the top enjoys anal play, there is real magic to a gentle (not vigorous) fingering while getting sucked. One of my things is to try to position things so his cock stays at the angle it wants when hard - adjust to the boner, not have the boner adjust to the blower. So nice to see real man sex.
Excellence in the craft of film making. Just very, very good film making. Breath taking. Steam coming-off from just under it. Great photography, close-ups etc.
I think I could write a book on this one -- it's everything Himeros promises when you hear about them. I've yet to watch even one and not learn about 15 different things. Tantra entirely new - know nothing about it except what I learn here. Very very hot.
That was beautiful from start to finish! I am still shaking!
Wish there was more content like this - just oral cock worship. I find anal SO BORING and 99% of the videos on here are ruined by switching to anal halfway through

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