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Added: February 21, 2022 | Runtime: 11:03 | 31,278 views

From an early age, we learned to masturbate secretly and privately. We were told, "You can't do that. It is wrong." And it was especially taboo to jerk off with other men. For so many men, masturbation is a source of shame and guilt.

The truth is, masturbation is a healthy and powerful way to connect with your body and experience pleasure and joy. And it can also connect us to the men around us, if we choose to redefine our relationship with jerking off.

In today's video, men like yourself are invited to join our circle jerk - and to bring alive a dream.

Video is facilitated by tantric sex coach Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
I have a feeling that Mr. Amberheart is living in the past, if he thinks that the gay community needs to be taught anything about masturbation. A wasted opportunity to use the models present.
Love the concept, and loved the authentic sounds the men were making when they were unprompted I have found that when I have been prompted by coaches to express my through sound it comes out inauthentic, where as If I allow the energy to build up within me, sound is naturally generated, and it feels much more authentic to me. There seemed to be some issues with clarity on the camera lens in the last quarter, but it did not distract from the overall scene. Well done.
Thank you. Once again a video that is so affirming with a diverse group of sexy men enjoying their handsome bodies and sexuality. I am glad you included Romeo in the group because he radiates wonderful sexual energy and grace, in every movement and his face, and he may have the most beautiful body ever, from head to toe. Totally amazing and stunning in every way. Hope we see lots more of him.
Nice to see so many men cum together, we need a video again jerking all in one man...............thats my dream
I'm still learning about masturbation, and I started 73 years ago at age 3 (if not before). I never tire of seeing a group of men (or a single man, for that matter) masturbating penis.
In the introduction when Brad mentioned that there were 100,000 men jacking off at any one moment, I paused the film to just think about that for a minute. I am not alone! When Jonah came, especially after fondling his nipples and balls throughout, I came too. (I find him to be extremely sexy.) In someways this was tantra to the nth degree. And I was happy to be included in watching it, and fulfilling it in my own way. Thank you, Davey, Brad, Jonah, and all the models. 😘
I appreciate the concept, and this wonderfully eclectic group of men illustrate it well. That said the production values are so poor I found my self wondering if you were subcontracting this video and the “Ask” video out to amateurs. In that respect the two videos are waaay below what we expect from Himeros.
Davey Wavey
I'm curious in what ways the production value feels poor? Not to flex, but it was filmed by an Oscar-winning cinematographer with the same lens used for Star Wars.
Russell from the Erotic Engineering website who has done two videos here leads a monthly Zoom group for Mindful Masturbation. I've been twice. It's very connecting. Just $10 a session plus process fee.
In so many areas of life, we benefit by revisiting the fundamentals. This video delivers a beautiful, fresh contemplation.
I respectfully disagree with jon1939... ALL men, gay or not, don't know everything about masturbating, no matter how long we've been "doing it." Masturbation is an art that can be very spiritually enlightening. It requires constant practice, and a willingness to evolve and grow in order to reach new levels of pleasure. I love ANY video with a group of men celebrating the gift of self-love and self-pleasure. Bring 'em on!! More please!! And maybe longer? I'd LOVE to see a diverse group of men "edging" for a while... MMMM. Thanks
I just saw this video for the very first time since its creation last November, and felt deeply moved by it. What an amazing video! The expressions of the men, the reminders that we're not alone...so beautifully captured on film. I see a lot of love when I see this film, with a circle of men who really did care about creating positive transformation in themselves and in the world. I've helped in the creation of over 150 films with Himeros now, and while there are many films that have moved me powerfully, I think I have a new favorite now. Sex is transformation, when approached with care and love and passion. I see transformation happening here, with our very first sex partner ever: ourselves. I was moderately surprised by some of the comments, but in the overall-bit picture, the comments we see here are PERFECTLY reflective of what one would expect from a cataclysmic ritual which was destined to make waves, and yes...best I can recall, Oscar-winning cinematographer Gladys Bloom actually made it out of there with her 6-digit-priced camera intact, although it looks like she got some cum and ashes on her 5-digit-priced lens. Golly. Jesus. Thank you, God for every bit of this. Gay-Men, and Hallelujah. Brad Amberheart.
I came super hard when Jonah came. The sounds he made were absolutely euphoric
Davey Wavey, as a newer member, I love the entire idea of the way the filming is done. It is erotic, beautiful, deeply sexual, and pleasurable to see. Those who are critical have a choice of so many other sites to choose from that they might find more satisfying. I love the “difference “ here. I enjoy long, deeply satisfying sessions. The scenes here are not rushed. Thank you boo for some of the hottest personal jack off sessions for me.

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