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Summer of Love - Steban And Tomik

Added: October 18, 2021 | Runtime: 13:13 | 15,125 views
Hookups get a bad rap as disposable sex. In reality, hookups can be a powerful tool for pleasure, connection, healing and/or just plain old fun. "Summer of Love" is a celebration of hookups at a unique moment in time, when people - long separated by a global pandemic - are starting to reconnect and explore erotic activities that were curtailed for more than a year. There is pent up demand for love, sex, pleasure and touch - and this series sets out to capture it authentically. In "Summer of Love", we will see three real hookups with real New Yorkers in their real homes. In this episode, Tomik and Alvaro show us a hot and sensual hookup between two men. This series is directed by Cherry Brice Jr and facilitated by gay tantric sex coach Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheeart.com
Recent Comments:
Ummm…did I miss the cum shot?
Davey Wavey
You didn't miss it. They didn't cum. Have you ever had a hookup that didn't end in a cumshot?
Great chemistry. Beautiful men. Intimate moment subtly captured.
They didn’t have much to say to each other, but it looks like they still had fun. I didn’t feel like it was their first time together.
Sorry for the late comment, but i will take well connected sex between two men who are interested in giving each other pleasure over disconnected sex that ends in a cum shot any day of the week. Well done everyone.
Absolutely beautiful! I’m completely aroused…
very very nice and real. Himeros gets it

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