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Summer Of Love - Jordan And Tanner

Added: August 30, 2021 | Runtime: 13:59 | 21,756 views

Hookups get a bad rap as disposable sex. In reality, hookups can be a powerful tool for pleasure, connection, healing and/or just plain old fun.

"Summer of Love" is a celebration of hookups at a unique moment in time, when people - long separated by a global pandemic - are starting to reconnect and explore erotic activities that were curtailed for more than a year. There is pent up demand for love, sex, pleasure and touch - and this series sets out to capture it authentically. In "Summer of Love", we will see three real hookups with real New Yorkers in their real homes.

In this episode, fuck buddies Jordan and Tanner show us how much fun you can have with some hot sex and a ski mask.

This series is directed by Cherry Brice Jr and facilitated by gay tantric sex coach Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheeart.com

Recent Comments:
Again, a film ruined by the lack of lighting. Just 2 men fumbling in the darkness.
Great scene. All though the apps do not serve me anymore(for reasons which would be enough content for an entire Himeros Backstage,) when I did use them, I loved the anonymity of the scenes you could play out which were very hot. Often somewhat reckless, but hot non the less, and his scene helped take me back to a different time. I loved it.
I entered a comment this morning. Where is it?
Davey Wavey
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So far, this "Summer of Love" series has been fucking PERFECT, top-notch JACK-OFF material for me. That's saying a lot, since I've worked with Himeros as a sex coach for 4 years, often putting lots of energy into creating videos that are inspirational...even educational...but this series of videos speaks for the pure, undeniable power of just GOOD FUCKING HOT SEX. For all of the times when we focused on breathing, movement, and higher vision, videos like this one show that there is also a LOT of value to unbridled, prolonged, indulgent, hot SEX. We enter a hook-up a bit weary of the stresses of life, and leave clear-headed, calm, alive, at peace...what could be more healing? I think when director Cherry Brice proposed this series, he wanted to capture just that--the essence of men immersed in the heat of hook-up passion. He asked me--a sex coach--if maybe I could maybe find a way to amp up the energy and anticipation before these guys' hook-ups in New York, then turn them loose on each other like wild, hungry animals--without actually being there! I talked with each model over the phone, one by one, to see if we could find all the "hot spots" that made them want to FUCK with their buddy so bad they couldn't stand it, and then...they fucking DID it! What's funny is that our calls were voice-only, so I never saw any of the models until I saw their video--today! So here's to a very successful experiment--of coercing fuckbuddy duos into heightened states of horniness, turning them loose on each other, and watching them enjoy themselves for a nice, long, extended, multi-faceted, delicious, summertime FUCK SCENE. Gay-Man, and Hallelujah! Brad Amberheart
I totally agree with Jon
Love it! Memory lane :)
The sex was hot. It was “illuminating” to see this concept directed and produced so well. I was “delighted” with all the angles that were shot.
Disappointing. When will y’all deal with the lighting problems.
Davey Wavey
The lighting was an intentional decision, and involved balancing skin tones and imbuing the video with some mystery - unlike mainstream porn which is so overlight. Watch the Himeros Backstage episode about this video for a detailed discussion about it.
Very hot. I don't understand the comments about the lighting. I thought it was good. I could see everything without a spotlight being cast on it. More natural. Thanks.

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