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Added: July 4, 2022 | Runtime: 14:02 | 27,961 views

A great number of men fantasize secretly about rape; some as aggressors, and others as victims. We feel greatly confused by these fantasies. They make no sense to us on a conscious level, because no one wants to be truly harmed. However, in the symbolic world, to be forcefully “taken” by another might communicate a reassurance to one who believes he is profoundly unwanted. In fantasy, being forced might mean the opposite: that contrary to his fears, he is, indeed, so incredibly desired that another simply cannot help himself and will even employ force if necessary in order to have him.

Thus, fantasy states both the problem and the solution to our fears. We need to viscerally feel wanted. And perhaps in our daily lives, we have built up tremendous walls to others, unable to feel the want and potential for connection that is all around us. These walls may require a psychological force to come down. We carry the tools within us; we need only look deeply within ourselves and construct the lives that call us into greater expression.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: https://www.finndeerhart.com/

Recent Comments:
I don't condone rape at all. But as a fantasy with consenting partners it is hot. It is all in fun. But this was so mild it did not even seem like rape. Gabriel was enjoying this way too much. Don't get me wrong it was super hot but it seemed to be enjoyed by everyone to much to be a rape scene. I remember one episode of a rape scene in the past where a plastic knife was used and caused criticism. I guess it is a balancing act when producing a video. I did enjoy the scene.
While this is rather mild it does prove that consenting "rough" play between friends is incredibly hot! If the participants know each other well there is an added level of passion that can occur. Thanks for showing that being submissive can be very exciting and rewarding.
Hot scene. I'm not into rape but I had several things crossed my mind that I might have done different being in a rape scene. Really restraining him and threatening him and things like that. Adding a third and letting his husband watch more and keeping him blindfolded thru the whole scene so he didn't know who was doing what until the end. My only question about this is since it is supposed to be a surprise what if he's not clean? Could get kind of messy. Lol. Thanks for some hot sex.
Considering it was done with consent of all participants it was a hot scene
uma pergunta aleatoria aqui como eu falo com o suporte do site, alguem sabe

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