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Spank Me Daddy

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Added 05/14/2018

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Watch as Jeremy Feist and Windom Gold demonstrate the art of spanking.

Spanking is an easy and accessible way of introducing a little bit of kink into your play. A lot of first-timers assume that spanking is all about administering pain, but when done right, you can use a small amount of bite to release endorphins and adrenaline into the receiver's body. You can also use spanking as a way of sensitizing the skin, making even the gentlest of touches even more potent.

For this video, we’ll focus on rhythm, tools and sensitized skin.

First, let’s talk about rhythm.

A good rhythm is a great way to get both the giver and receiver on the same wavelength. A reliable rhythm will help the giver maintain control over the spankings, and it'll let the receiver know when to expect a hit. When put together, this can help the giver and receiver achieve the same headspace simultaneously. You can change up the frequency, going from slower, bigger hits to faster, smaller hits, but always remember to stay on beat.

Now, let’s talk about tools.

You can find yourself a paddle at most local sex shops, but if you use them, just make sure the edges are sanded down and smoothed so that the receiver doesn't get hit with a sharp corner. A thin, light implement will produce a sharper sensation, and a thick, heavy tool will produce a thud. And when in doubt, the best spanking tool is the one at the end of your wrist - although you didn't need me to tell you that.

Last, let’s focus on sensitized skin:

As you spank someone, you may notice that the area starts to redden a bit. This is because small blood vessels under the skin, called capillaries, are breaking. This is completely fine. What this means is that the reddened skin is now more sensitive to touch. When this happens, try mixing up the sensations. Tickle and caress the area gently with your fingertips. If you have fingernails, use those too. You can blow on the area to cool it down, lick, bite, or kiss for a little sensual stimulation. You can even use an ice cube if they need a cool down.


Special thanks to Jeremy Feist for being in this video and writing the script: https://twitter.com/jeremy_feist
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