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Some Like It Hot

Added: January 11, 2021 | Runtime: 11:13

Camp and drag have been pillars of gay culture for decades - and yet, rare is the erotic film featuring gender fuckery. Why? Though we worship a long list of favorite queens, our devotion often ends at the bedroom; in our erotic minds - as evident in the most popular porn we consume - it's masculinity to which we bow.

But does it need to be this way? Does the sacred feminine deserve a place at the table - even in gay sex? Can dismantling gender norms be as hot as it is fun? Can we eroticize our femininity as much as our masculinity? Can confident queens be as appealing as muscled-out lumberjacks?

In "Some Like It Hot", we see the integration of drag and camp into a juicy, fun erotic video.

Recent Comments:
Great video and I loved the music.
Beautiful 3somes scene. Love the music too.
All I can say is "wow." I have never been into drag but this opened my eyes a little. I would not want a steady diet of this because I want my man to be masculine but as occasional role play I can see where this would be fun. It also amazes me how the sexes are so close. When you get down to it for the most part the only thing that separates us is our genitals. A physically fit man like Dakota transforms into a sexy looking female with some makeup, clothes and shoes. It was hot watching those lipstick pink lips going down on Taylor's dick. The scene was beautifully filmed and the music being provocative at first and then changing to a beautiful movie like score added to the feeling of the scene. The sexy Calvin made the scene complete, and the look on their faces when Dakota and Taylor saw him looking at them over that wall was brilliant. Calvins ejaculation was powerful and seeing Taylor lick his own cum added to the hotness. I never thought about it before but as gay men we are the luckier sex because we have a penis and a vagina to have fun with. Another Himeros film showing different styles of hot sex. Thanks Davey.
Oh! This is perfect. Simply perfect. So refreshing. So witty and rich. Brilliant goodie in these tough time. With some small hyperbole ... you are Billy Wilder of erotic videos!
Definitely one for challenging any preconceived notions you may have for Drag Queens, or the effeminate for that matter. I will admit, that I have alway appreciated the performative aspect of drag, but have never been sexually attracted to them. I am not saying you did a total 360 on my point of view, but you have succeeded in at least convincing me to be open to the possibility. Congrats to the performers and the rest of the team for putting out a piece of worker which challenges ideas of traditional masculinity in a very hot and sexy way. well done.
wow! joyous porn!
I've learned from your thematic, or instructive videos, but this one is pure fun. The sunny images are sublime viewing for a dark winter afternoon. Models are hot, each in his (her) own way, photography is first-rate. The ass-eating shots are sublime and the lounge music perfect for the occasion. A real winner!
I like the outfit. I like the music. The video is pretty good too. Lots of fun.
Phenomenal! You're correct, Davey. - "It's Porn...but better!" Hot, Sexy, Erotic and Educational; just like all the videos on your site. Please, keep the video music score concept throughout all your future videos. It enriches the masturbation experience. It's truly like watching a movie where you want to see the guy's fulfill their fantasies. And they do!
Wow. amazing video. In concept, execution, filming and music etc. Dakota provides a stunning performance, sexy in every way possible, masculine and Feminine. Davey continues to make this the most exciting and original site anywhere. Thank you