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Added: June 10, 2024 | Runtime: 21:17 | 8,394 views

Sniff his shirt. Sniff his sneakers. Sniff his jock strap. Just don't get caught...

Video concept by Court Vox: https://thebodyvox.com/

Recent Comments:
I'm not sure how I feel about this one. In some ways it's hot, in some ways a bit weird, and in some ways off-putting. I love Nico and, though I haven't seen him as much, I enjoy Declan too. So I'm inclined towards liking virtually anything featuring one or both of them. As someone who is mesmerized by smells and scents, I really drink in the sensuality of male odors. I don't associate the act of sniffing with domination/submission dynamics nearly so much as deep romantic stimulation. It's always a challenge to me to get off on something that smacks of abuse, even if it's all in jest. I'm sure my response is quite different from many who view this.
Wow these two reeallly got into it ... they should take home Oscars for such a seductive master and sub performance!
I don’t need humiliation or degradation. The world gives us fags far too much of that already. Just need Nico’s dick in my ass and his cum down my throat.

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