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Smoke And Mirrors

Added: April 29, 2023 | Runtime: 10:53 | 28,329 views

We often go to our mirrors in order to correct something about ourselves. We pass by and assess our waistlines, asses, packages, and jawlines. We make sure that our teeth are clean, and that every hair is in its right place. Though we desperately want to be chosen, we fail to choose ourselves. What if we peered into our own reflections as if they were souls seeking contact–as we are? In our eyes, we behold the pain we’ve accumulated along the way to our adult bodies as well as our longings to be seen.

Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself: “Am I willing to love myself exactly as I am?” And this question is potent because our lack of love is not due to love’s scarcity but to our own resistance to it.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Exquisitely sensual.
This beautiful exploration of how we critique ourselves inside and out might change our dialogue the next time we linger at the mirror. Another meaningful Himeros glimpse at the parts that make us whole.
Love the concept and the beginning mirroring especially!!
Love the sensuality. I suspect the models are unaware of the various emotions, fantasy and passions held by viewers
This was really special to watch, very sensual and I wished it was me!
Ok. I want a mirror like that one… This was fucking beautiful!
“mirroring” is such an excellent erotic activity. thanks, Finn, for this réalisation. it has your signature all over it
Literally extra-ordinary. Himeros is already different to any other gay porn that I've seen, but this one goes to another level. The model (models) is (are) stunningly beautiful and sexy. But that, in a way, isn't the point (except, it is). I've watched it a few times, and this time, again I felt close to tears in the B&W opening . Why? While I'm probably 40+ years older, and never ever had this (these) god-like physiques, nonetheless I really relate to this. Most mornings I look in the mirror and check for body fat, how the muscles are - or aren't (I work out). And (this is where it gets weird), who exactly is in this? The model and his mirror image? Or, his ideal self? Imagined self? A disconnected self that in this version happily reconnects? When I jack off my image of my self is maybe younger, more idealised than reality. How do I see myself? Do I see my true self... or my idea of myself? What might that mean in my sex, my life? This time, maybe the ethereal sound track, I went into a sort of altered, tantricky state: disturbing, in a good way (change entails disturbance) Maybe I should trying jacking off to it and see/feel how that goes. Certainly, something else. And - maybe there is a point to the model's beasuty (beside making hot porn). Maybe, in some way, we can see ourselves as beautiful and sexy. Maybe... I could be seen as beautiful and sexy. Maybe I could see myself as... Thanks.

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