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Slick Sensuality

Added: August 8, 2017 | Runtime: 03:00 | 680 views
Explore sensuality using self-touch in this exercise inspired by Andrés from Andrés Sacred Intimate: http://andressacredintimate.com/ Setup: • For this exercise, you will need a bottle of massage oil. Some alternatives are coconut oil (often available in solid form), olive oil, or other types of oil with little or no odor. • You will also need a plastic drop cloth usually used for protecting the floor and furnishings during painting. These can be very inexpensive at the local hardware store. • Perform this exercise at home, perhaps in your bedroom or living room. • Privacy is preferred; ask someone to make sure you won’t be disturbed. Beginning the exercise: Set up the drop cloth in a large space in your bedroom or living room. Make sure it provides you with space to move. Find a couple of older towels you don’t mind disposing of, or a roll of paper towels, and keep them near the area. Place the oil you purchased in the same area as well. Set up and begin your timer. Disrobe, and find a spot to lay on the ground. If possible and comfortable, lay directly on thick cool grass. If that isn’t possible, then use a sheet, a towel, or a blanket on the ground beneath you. Sit on the floor in a comfortable position. Take five slow breaths, with slow exhales. Don’t exhaust yourself; just take in a healthy amount of air, and let is roll slowly out of you. It should take approximately twice as long to let out the air, as it takes to suck it in. make them full and complete breaths; don’t rush it. When you have grounded, take the oil, and begin to slowly anoint your skin using the oil, beginning with your heart. Hold your hands over your heart, and then begin gliding slowly in focused, intentional directions, gradually increasing the surface of your skin. Focus on your breathing as much as possible. Pay attention to your touch. How does it feel? Where are your hands going? What feels good? Why? As you sink further into the exercise, begin to become more playful. Be generous with the oil if you like; you are protecting your surroundings with the drop cloth. Practice spreading the oil to different parts of your body. Explore touching body parts with body parts, without necessarily using only your hands. For example, you can touch elbows to arms, or forearms to legs. See how playful you can get with this experience, and see what feelings emerge in the experience. Continue this exercise to the end of your allotted time. End by resting your hands on your heart, and taking five deep belly breaths. Spend a few moments in silence, reflecting upon what that experience was like for you. Use the older towels or paper towels to begin wiping the oil off your body, and slowly gather the drop cloth without spilling any oil to dispose of it as well. Variations: • This exercise is a great way to give yourself permission to explore giving yourself and others a massage for pleasure. The sensation of oil sliding down your skin can be quite pleasurable, and you can learn what may feel good on another by first learning what feels good for you. • Consider repeating this exercise with a partner or two, and consider turning it into an erotic slick touch session! You can play wrestle, rub bodies against each other in inventive ways, and explore sensations that we don’t normally explore with others.
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Something worth trying! I love coconut oil in bating, now I know it could be used all over my body. Thanks for this, just discovered it as I was surfing the site, having subscribed only recently. Davey Wavey, you're marvelous!

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