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Sleeping Beauty

Added: July 1, 2024 | Runtime: 15:17 | 9,107 views

The story of Sleeping Beauty is widely recognized, but Disney's version is a far cry from the original. The classical Italian tale from the early 1600s is much darker. By the 17th century, changing attitudes about sex and consent led to a French version that set the stage for our interpretation.

In this version, the prince does not impregnate Sleeping Beauty while she is unconscious. Instead, he is moved by her beauty and falls to her bedside, breaking the curse without physical contact. They later have consensual sex, with Sleeping Beauty making the choice.

This comparison highlights different interpretations of sexual agency and power dynamics. Surprisingly, the 1697 version appears more consensual than Disney's. Our adaptation of Sleeping Beauty nods to the French version and challenges Disney's take.

Creating a more explicit rendition may seem gratuitous, but it could offer a meaningful exploration of how adults navigate sex, boundaries, desires, and preferences—a significant theme in SB for nearly 400 years.

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
Love it, I would definitely say yes to Parker kissing me awake too.
I enjoyed watching every second of this delicious video and could feel my body reacting as if I was part of it.
This video got better and better. So joyous and romantic. Parker cumming in Tanner’s mouth was especially lovely.

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