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Shadow Play

Added: October 11, 2021 | Runtime: 11:18 | 17,024 views

Sometimes the only thing hotter than what you can see, is what you cannot.

Directed by altSHIFTxxx.com

Recent Comments:
I feel like I should have been arrested. For sure, if I had been walking by their house, or spotted them in a steaming shower, I would have stayed, watched and been playing pocket pool. The shadowy scene allowed my mind to make the lovers any age, shape, race, bear or shaved, cut or uncut, hung or not. The distorted images made it even more erotic, for me. Very nice for sure.
The play between voyeur and participant is really erotic. The sexiness is like when someone has provocative clothes, sometimes what you can't see is sexier than what you can. These two models are exceptionally connected. Bravo!
This was incredibly sexy. I’m inspired to do a shadow play party with friends where each of us take turns behind the screen with a buddy.
Loved the concept for sure, and would agree that I enjoyed the shadow scene more than the other side of the curtain, although I will never say no to catching glimpse of Oliver...........overall great connection between models and a great concept, made for a very unique and hot scene. I guess that makes me a voyeur as well. Kudos to all involved.
I would prefer the boys in the flesh.
Davey Wavey
You get to see both in this video! :)
So fun seeing the guys in the audience watching the live sex show. Both performers are hot! Especially that top
Absolutely love all your uncut models. Is it a conscious choice you made to use so many uncut guys?
Davey Wavey
It's not a conscious choice, but we film quite a bit of our content in Europe - and almost all European models are intact.

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