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Sexually Transmitted Joy

Watch Davey and friends discuss Sexually Transmitted Joy on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created Sexually Transmitted Joy on the Himeros.tv blog.

This film is dedicated to the brothers we lost to AIDS. These men live on in our memories, in our hearts and in our sex.

Fear has driven and dominated our sex lives for decades. We've been told that our sex is a vehicle for disease, illness and death.

For many of us, that fear has eclipsed the profound ways in which sex can transform our lives, improve our health and create joy.

We’ve created this video, “Sexually Transmitted Joy,” for all of the men in the world who are ready for mind-blowing, fan-fucking-tastic sex. We hope you’ll be inspired by watching how the “same-old” script we’re used to seeing can be dramatically modified by the introduction of more pleasure, more sexually excited men and more JOY!

This video was inspired by Brad Amberheart.

recent comments:



bravo! up with joy. out with fear. inspiring. beautiful men proudly sharing love, joy and sexual connection in a community of men. seconding the dedication.



As usual, well done! Each week we can't wait to see the next video. Thank you for helping us to release the fear! Gay sex is good and beautiful...and hot! ;)



Thank you. Just what I need.



Beautifully filmed and orchestrated...so seemingly natural and full of joyful expression. Especially like the ending where are join in and then relaxation in sexual bliss.



Wow, this video has sky rocket to being one of my favorites on this site. I love the empowering message behind it. Taking a negative (the AIDS crisis) and turning it into an uplifting moment here in the present day. Love love love it!



Magnificent--men communicating sexually and enjoying every intimate moment!



Gotta love sex AND chocolate!






What a great viewpoint of men, who are hot, handsome and so nicely shaped, doing what should be so natural and accepted. Every camera viewpoint showed every not only action but pure beauty of each man's body and mating. Such a homage to those who have shared their lives previously and for the joy that we have to look forward to. Great work, guys.



A wonderful ménage à trois--gorgeous men communicating sexually!



What an appropriate title. Four gorgeous men doing what men should do transmitting joy through beautiful sexy contact. More please!

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