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Sex When Sad

Added: November 9, 2020 | Runtime: 17:47 | 10,881 views

There are many reasons why we have sex. We typically have sex because we are in a romantic mood, wanting intimacy and connection, or just plainly horny and want to get off.

But that is not the only reason why we have sex.

Sex is a way of expressing yourself. It is a way of transforming emotions and feelings that can sometimes feel stuck in body and sex can be the vehicle to release that. It’s also exciting to explore sex for the unconventional reasons to help broaden your repertoire of when you traditionally have sex. If you are more liberated in your sexuality, then you have more colours in the pallet.

Sometimes, we have sex because we are sad or grieving. We may have sex to express grief in a physical form. Or, it may be as a way to feel safe, held and comforted. Watch what happens when grief is met with beautiful lovemaking.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/

Directed by altSHIFTxxx.com

Recent Comments:
What can I say.......I think I am speechless. Just a beautiful scene. I hope the filming is going well in New Mexico, and looking forward to the discussion in 2 weeks.
This scene is hands down the most touching video you have made. Adjectives to describe it are: warm, loving, compassionate, emotional and just plain beautiful. The Oscar should go to Kayden for portraying such a warm, loving and caring person. He focused all of his loving attention to Oliver to console him. The kissing, holding and comforting was a sight to behold. Then when the sex began, it wasn't just sex, it was loving sex meant to show the love of one person to another. When Kayden entered Oliver it was two people becoming one, not just for sex, but for love, comfort and compassion. He was focused on Oliver, not himself. Then after it was over, the holding and comforting - truly beautiful. It is amazing how you guys can portray sex as just not a way to get off, but to evoke feelings. Loving and yet erotic A true expression of love and feelings through sex. As for the erotic, even though it was extremely emotional and loving it still caused me to produce a river of pre cum. This episode is as beautiful as the Journeys episode where Will Tantra consoled the the guy who lost his partner.
I think it is time to thank Davey for creating this wonderful site that helps the community in many ways. Not only does it provide erotica but more than that it educates the community in ways that were previously non existent. It is also wonderful of you to utilize all races, ages and body types in your videos. You include everyone. Also a special thanks to Brad, Jallen, Finn and everyone involved in the making of the videos. You truly provide a much needed and wonderful service to this community.
Hot and romantic scene. I love when the only sounds are from the models and the surroundings. I enjoyed their The Man Behind the Suit scene, too. While watching today's scene, I was thinking it was nice they could connect when off work. lol
Davey Wavey
I'm really glad you mentioned that! I'd encourage folks to watch "Man Behind the Suit" first, and then this video second. It's really awesome to see Oliver and Kayden connect digitally - and then physically.
When you're sad, depressed or lonely. All you want is for someone to make love to you, and take the pain away! This scene depicts how a partner/friend/husband can make it all go away, even for a brief instance of time. It's not just sex - it's being made love too - and that's what all of us want. To be loved and passionately fucked!
I want to echo all the prior messages and add my gratitude for the work that Davey &colleagues do weekly--this is a wonderful site that enriches our lives in many ways on many levels. It is beautiful and uplifting to see men of all types connecting and sharing love, fun, connection, giving, tender emotion, hot pleasure, and more. This video is timely and universal. After months of isolation and social distancing without the physical and emotional intimacy that is so important, the intimate loving deep connection in this film is a wonderful contribution--and Kayden and Oliver make it so true and authentic. THANK YOU
Your best video to date. Loved the lack of music partway through so we could hear the sounds of their lovemaking. So intimate and tender. Kudos!
This video brought me back to life after a longspell of dull and unmotivating sex. Wow. Truly wonderful.
Davey, I am honored that you liked what I wrote and read it on your podcast. That was written from the heart and was so true. I had also mentioned the Journeys Episode 4 episode that I was touched by too. I wrote it under the name as "Cooper" but your system has changed to utilize the login name. When you said that you loved the Himeros community I was thinking to myself that I love it too. This is not just porn. It is magnificently written real life story telling filmed like a cinematic movie. I'm glad that the guys got a kick out of what I wrote about the erotic segment. Even though I was deeply touched by the love and compassion of the story, it was hot too. Thank you again for this one-of-a-kind site for our community that provides not only erotica, but so much more with education, showing how people of all ages and conditions can enjoy a great sex life. You Davey are truly one-of-a-kind in my book. Looking forward to the next episode.
Astonishingly beautiful. This should be the first porn video every gay teenager sees -- it would set a new standard for what making love can be.
I want to be sad and loved like that. I think I have been held in such a manner, from the inside out. Felt all this ocean given harbor under stars when they pressed those chests together shined, and breathed, I remember how he'd hold me how the air seemed to pass between our skins, flesh made permeable, through love the warmth of spirit taking tears and all the fur of him, the softest brush to soothe the wild shaking creature of me.
This is Amazing! Two gorgeous guys. Slow, erotic, tender. Love their sounds and that it is outdoors. I want to be loved like that when I'm sad.
I actually cried during the start of this video. It reminded me of the last sex i had after beaking up with my lover. This video will have different meanings to everyone watching it. For me it showed how you can comfort someone you truly love by making real love. Thank you!
Very special connection between these two men in comforting one another.

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