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Sex When Jealous

Added: February 15, 2021 | Runtime: 15:47 | 16,213 views

Jealousy can be an embarrassing emotion to experience; it can make us feel insecure, inadequate or not enough.

But what if you were in a relationship where jealousy was accepted? What if jealousy could be used as a tool for sexual exploration? What if jealousy could be transformed by arousal?

Directed by Ed.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/

Recent Comments:
Super hot video! The chemistry between these two guys is amazing. I’ve never thought of jealousy as sexy before, but this video opened my eyes to the possibilities.
Very interesting concept, turning a potentially volatile emotion into a hot fantasy. I would like to say that I would be able to allow a partner the same opportunity, but I may not be that forgiving, unless I was in a long term committed relationship where I would allow myself the vulnerability to do so. but still a great scene, and an interesting concept. Just one thing, and it wasn't a big thing, the flash photography, was a bit distracting. I have never noticed that in any of your scenes before. Other than that anther home run. Looking forward to the discussion Friday.
"I know I am the one".....most powerful statement in the video.... Love this Davey.......
Thank you much to Oliver & Diggory for sharing this wonderfully human, vulnerable, sexy explosive time in their personal space, so personal and intimate—and to the entire H team for the concept and execution. Hard to believe how the best keeps getting better. Such a valuable view with relationship insights about challenges we all feel. I do want also to appreciate Oliver especially for his growing body of work on H.tv. He has it all! He talks and relates to his partners in such a genuine unaffected way, naturally, vulnerably, and sexily when that is right. While he mostly bottoms, he can be such a powerful, giving Man, with a wonderful balance of masculine and feminine energies. And of course he has an amazingly sexy body, head to toe. I hope we will see more of him—always a joy! thank you so much
This video is so hot that it was hard to think about the storyline. The acting in the video was spot on but when the sex began it was hard for me to think of anything else. It was so damn hot and intense with the positions and passion I just got wrapped up in the sex. And again it was just like you were watching a couple in real life, not a movie. Oliver is damn sexy and that voice. Diggory, all I can say is "wow". This one had the precum flowing.
What can I say. Seeing a power bottom working his craft is so hot!
I watched this more or less routinely, without any expectations. Within a minute, it hooked me. So well do I know--from both sides--the metallic taste when the mouth dries in jealousy. Say what I please about putting the ego aside, it's difficult. I learned once that the real seedbed of my jealousy was the feeling of not being included, not the feeling of not being loved. That was a breakthrough. Over time, my husband and I did what Diggory and Oliver did. We turned jealousy into the hot stuff of lovemaking. Once I learned to joy in, and even encourage, his escapades, gone was the feeling of not being included, sidelined the ego, and hard as a rock was the cock in my hand that couldn't hear enough of it all. Wow! This was an amazing testimony to what can happen if we simply accept what we thought we never could, and work with it, play with it. Turns out to be pure gold, and utterly cum-worthy.
This is got to be one of the hottest videos I have ever seen! These guys were making love 💕
I found this video to hit all the right spots! I really enjoyed the exploration of being open and honest about emotions we tend to suppress and let grow with overthinking. I personally have a battle with jealousy and for me, it stems from feeling unworthy or not good enough. This video demonstrates the power for deeper connection if I just expressed those feelings openly and unconditionally. mmmm yummy stuff!
As a man over 70, i enjoy all the diversity on himeros,; see my many prior comments over years. A suggestion : While you have done some great scenes including senior men, it would be groundbreaking to do a full-on lovemaking scene with a senior-twink (Jack Bailey?) couple--to show the boundless limits of love and sex--a scene to rival this one. The Journeys scene with Calvin and Will is the closest. but they are not a couple and age span could be greater. I know that if you do this, it will be amazing.
Wow! loved it
Became a very good scene, extremely well-written, well-performed, not something I've seen before. Great camera, both performers outstanding.
Interesting area of the mind to explore. Overall the content of the porn here incredible (and it's just starting). The content of gay adult porn mostly incredible, especially that glory area in the 70's, 80's, 90's - incredible films made at great risk. But so hot. Great line at around 5:15 at you-taste-good. Does he taste as good as his other lover tastes?
I am really impressed that Oliver was able to completely deepthroat Diggory’s huge dick. Damn, wish that I could do that.
One of my favourite videos !!
This is a match made in heaven. So hot. The sound track adds a lot. One of my new favorites here.
Beautiful. I've experienced the power of jealousy in reigniting eros.
I love the premise and the execution did not disappoint. The acting is spot-on. Oliver was so convincingly vulnerable, and I like how Diggory was candid about his attraction to this other fellow, but brought Oliver into the scenario. Incredibly sensual. Thank you for another vignette well-done.
I just joined and after a little skipping around on the site this was the first video I watched. Wow fantastic! I can't believe how much the talking got me off. Great chemistry, great acting and great sex! Thank You!
Another one of your best. Who decides which ones are Best of Himeros.TV?
Davey Wavey
Me! Hahah

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