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Sex When Bored - Himeros LIVE

Added: January 1, 2021 | Runtime: 01:05:02
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Hi Davey. In talking about new years resolutions here is what I would like to see: First, everyone that wants to be vaccinated for this deadly disease to get their shot asap and for this damn Covid to be in the rear view mirror. And to not forget all of the people we lost from this disease. Second, a new administration that can bring unity to the American people and leaders of all lands and bring pride and dignity back. Also an administration that really wants to help the LGBT community instead of just pretending to do so. I wish advancements for the LGBT community. I wish all gay people to stand tall and be proud of themselves and realize they are no different from anyone else except who they are sexually attracted to. I would like to see better times for ALL Americans regardless of race, gender or sexual preference. And Davey, I want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide to gay men with your website and podcasts. It is truly great to see videos that are educational and erotic. I don't call your videos porn. While explicit they are just as you say, teaching gay men how to have great sex. While highly erotic, they truly are educational. Finally, I wish you continued success with your Himeros website. And as you say "peace" to you and to all people
Davy stoned on an edible was so adorable. Happy New Year, gentlemen!