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Sex Magick 102

Added: June 14, 2021 | Runtime: 18:04 | 14,370 views

In this Second form of the Magick, consider your body like a sealed alchemical vessel. Keep the energy contained, by choosing not to ejaculate for now. Continue to build the energy, until you are ready for a conscious ejaculation, which will be demonstrated in the final episode.

This is how the Sex Magick works: when your inner transformation reaches a saturation point, like a saturated liquid about to crystallize, your “outer” reality is also ripe for transformation. As your masturbation skills advance, you become an Erotic Adept. Your skills reach higher levels of refinement, while you continue to practice diligently. Use your ecstatic inner states to create a sealed vessel, or a magickal container for the image of what you wish to manifest.

Video concept by Bruce P. Grether: https://www.eroticengineering.com

Recent Comments:
I have watched the teachings of Bruce Grether on his website. He is a marvelous teacher and now has Russell and Henry with him and a new Only Fans site. Practicing mindful masturbation can be difficult especially in the beginning. You have to resist the urge to ejaculate for periods of time. In general men masturbate to get fast relief. This is not what mindful masturbation is about. It is about getting maximum pleasure from your penis and ejaculating consciously when you are ready to. Resisting ejaculation, especially when you get the close feeling can be difficult. I failed at it many times. I have learned that as that close feeling approaches it is time to end the session. If you keep going you are more likely to give in and ejaculate. The benefits of mindful masturbation are great once you begin to master it. You will feel sensations in your penis and groin area that you haven't experienced. Also going for longer periods of masturbation without ejaculation makes your penis go from flaccid to rock hard in no time, sometimes when not trying. It is like your penis is in standby mode. It has more sensitivity to it even when flaccid. The benefits are really nice. If you are a precummer you might make a lot more of it especially at the close feeling. When you do finally decide to ejaculate after weeks of this practicing prepare for an explosion. Mindful masturbation might not be for everyone but it is definitely worth giving it a try. Bruce, Russell and Henry are excellent teachers. They have very good personalities and consider us all phallic brothers.
Absolutely beautiful
tried it...and it works...thank you!
For I couple of years I've been working on my sexual energy on my own. Then I met someone really special and that energy made the biggest magical explosion I've ever experienced. We were a couple for almost two years. But I never felt it that strong with myself until I watched this videos. I've tried it two times now and I feel over the moon. I even masturbated for like and hour more when the video stopped. I've never felt so in control of my sexual energy and ejaculation. I really felt for the first time that I could chose to ejaculate. Even got closer than ever to that point being in completely awareness and ecstasy. This aligns with my spiritual awakening too, so I feel very connected to the divine timing. I really want to thank you Russell, Davey and all the Himeros family for this videos. What I'm feeling as a result of this practice is so powerful I really don't have words to really describe it (although this comment isn't short lol). And this is just the beginning. I think videos like this are so needed. So thank you, thank you, thank you.
If you liked this video, you can see a lot more of Russell on EroticEngineering.com. He does a live one hour weekly masturbation session on OnlyFans there. I have learned a lot from him.
I'm so happy this video was created! Every day, lots and lots of cum erupts from men's cocks, and at last, there is this video to remind us of the potency and power of our vital life force, and how to use it to accomplish everything which is in the highest interest of ourselves, the people we love, and this world. I feel that what's been demonstrated here will be useful to many, many men and will vastly affect many people's lives. Yes! Thank you, Bruce, Rusty, Davey, and crew for investing the time, loving attention, and energy in a video which can--and will--make a difference. The final words of this video restore my faith in the power of true magic: "If your desired focus is for the greatest good of everyone involved, it will come about." Brad Amberheart.

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