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Sex Magic To Attract Lovers

Added: June 18, 2018 | Runtime: 13:16 | 7,497 views

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Sex is awesome. Why, then, don’t we enjoy it more often? The most common complaint we’ve heard is “it’s just hard to find the right guy…”

This video is about closing the gap between the love and affection that you desire and the abundance of wonderful sex that is ready and waiting for you.

A world filled with great sex begins with us recognizing and creating the sensation—right here in our own body—of what great sex feels like!

We’re going to guide you on a journey now, combining positive affirmations with imagery and creative self-pleasuring. Together, we’re going to learn how to creatively position ourselves to more fully receive the affection, connection, and pleasure we crave with a little sex magic.

This video is inspired by Brad Amberheart (http://www.bradamberheart.com) and features Peter Pounder.

Recent Comments:
One of the best yet..
Masturbating can indeed be a beautiful experience, fully engaging the sensuality of our bodies.
Arne S.
I really like this, it is about how to discover yourself, to enjoy ourself, to be able to enjoy the other. One of the best so far.
Brad Amberheart
Wow! Fucking WOW! What more can I say? I watched this whole scene be filmed, on the set in Toronto, and if it STILL turns me the fuck on to watch it, then I must say...it was done WELL! Congratulations to Peter Pounder and a stunning director named Daniel Cardone and a kick-ass cameraman named Matt and to Davey, the key visionary of this project. And last but not least, here's to the manifestation of a vision I personally have held since I was 14--for the pure magic of men's masturbation to be better-known, appreciated, and embraced for its fucking profoundly magical powers! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this concept and am excited beyond measure to see it come into full ecstatic view. Everyone...enjoy the magic! My suggestion is that we host a huge NAKED dance party somewhere like...TORONTO, for instance, to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of sexually transmitted excitement, pleasure, and pure joy. Blessings to all. Brad.
Beautiful idea sumptuously presented. Anyone have a saddle I can borrow? Mine's at the cleaners.
A Masterpiece! A Work of Art!
Sério! Antes de qualquer coisa, temos que nos amar, e apreciar nosso prazer individual.
Peter oozes sexuality to me. Saw him for the first time with Elliot Blue on “GuysSweatpants” He is a top I’ll never forget!

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