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Rough Fuck

Added: January 18, 2021 | Runtime: 13:50 | 15,335 views

BDSM is a power dynamic. By definition, the dominant exercises control over someone who submits to it. The sub strives to please his dom. Just as the dom derives pleasure from what he does to the sub, the sub takes pleasure from serving the dom - a concept illustrated by this video.

Video concept by Paul: http://www.kinkycoach.com

Recent Comments:
This is hot! More like this, please
Davey Wavey
Happy to create more! However, let me know what you think is hot about this. Details appreciated!
That was so hot. I loved how the guys really trusted each other in the making of this video. They also were attractive, but looked like real men that were not photoshopped. I loved the cowboy hat too.
I though this brought the farm fantasy to life. Especially the young hot twinks! It was perfectly dom and submissive . I could see myself there ;) great job
Growing up on a farm this had elements of some of my hottest fantasies. Since there was no one else within miles, fantasy was my only outlet. The cowboy hat sets the tone - what else does one need to be ridden across the range? Love the D/s light, but lost the reason for moving back and forth just to do the same thing. The bit in the subs mouth was phenomenal - whoosh! Even I'd never thought about that, but I certainly will now. Guys are really good looking, but they are real guys, and I love that. They don't have the biggest dicks in the universe, but they are pretty ones. They aren't super ripped, but beautiful and real and normal. Thanks, guys, for making stories about people having sex, not just fucking. Makes a big difference.
I loved this especially when I saw the passion the sub had for sir’s cock. That’s the great joy of being a sub - getting master’s cock any way he can.
Bound, gagged and totally submissive to his Master--so homoerotic!
Jack Bailey is gorgeous. I'd love to see him in a video that shows off all of his body, maybe a solo video or an exhibitionist fantasy.
Sniffing cock, balls and ass before sucking, licking and rimming is so HOT but never it is on here or other sites... Am I the only one that likes this?
Wow, this was stunning! I love how the director chose to focus on faces and expressions and touches vs. the traditional penetration shots. I watched the Rough Fuck live video where they talk about the cinematography and that added to my understanding of why this video stands out to me: it was a woman director, and she understood sensuality so well, and that is what is so hard to find in porn. Beautifully done. Also, Jack Bailey is so crazy beautiful in his vulnerability because he owns it and the contrast between this and his real love and enjoyment of sex is sooo sooo attractive

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