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Role Play - Part III: We're Brothers

Added: November 26, 2018 | Runtime: 17:00 | 2,469 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss We're Brothers on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created We're Brothers on the Himeros.tv blog.

First, watch Role Play - Part I: The Seduction.

Second, watch Role Play - Part II: Dad 'n' Son.

This is the third in a four-part series that is directed by Travis Matthews. This Himeros.tv exclusive is an exploration of role play, featuring a real life couple, Deontre and Cody.

Recent Comments:
Brotherly love as fantasy--so homoerotic! What will dad say? Will he join in?
Davey Wavey
Spoiler alert: YES!
LOVE that you guys are on a roll with amazing concepts and more depth!!!!! The part where he replies with the question about fucking his big brother is awesome! Wouldn’t it be cool if they slept that way till morning and then you see him slip is dick in his wet hole as they’re waking up?
Gads! I remember this music used in Benson and Hedges cigarette commercials when I was a kid
Just love the concept of this fantasy!...and the specifics: the ass eating, the fucking, the cum shot and the sensual cum tasting. Finally, the after sex cuddling is a nice touch with the segue into video 4.
Amazing cum shot. Huge load!
Brad Amberheart
Jee-zus! Never in my life have I seen anything quite like this. I think we live in a world where the best "porn" about brothers we might hope to find would be some silly role-play with terrible acting, but this...WOW! It transported me. It was transcendental, which--in my experience--is exactly what REALLY GOOD sex is...transcendental...something that takes us out of this fucking world, and back to the place of what we know to be REAL...what we're always searching for, and most often never finding. Here it is, conveyed...on FILM! Travis Matthews (director) is clearly an extremely talented soul who knows how to bring a vision alive. Thank you, Travis, for your beautiful expression of male-male love on a film, in a way which I had begun to think could only be seen from the inside-out, in the throes of sexual ecstasy with a beloved. I feel so grateful for this beautiful work of art--and GUH-rul, the MUSIC! Masterful!
The best thing about the writing, the crafting of this story? Three very clear acts, beats. Very deliberate, the director NOT in a rush, it develops ORGANICALLY and is magic-to-watch. Both performers LITERALLY brothers in this scene - i.e. all of the elements of danger, forbidden-ness etc. Terrific.
Just too good.

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