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Psychic Be Moan'n'

Added: April 18, 2022 | Runtime: 15:34 | 24,474 views
A sleepover tarot card reading results in an erotic cord-cutting exercise to free oneself from past lovers.
Recent Comments:
Adam Ramzi is an incredibly beautiful man with a voice that just makes me want to worship him. Seeing him at the top of the film in white briefs and white crew socks just did it for me. Woof!
Always a treat to see Adam. The ending kind of left me wanting for more. Hopefully there is more left in the series. Great shoot, and great production value, another success. Thank you Himeros.
Gorgeous video. I especially love those moments when Adam Ramzi stops, closes his eyes and takes a few breaths before continuing on, as if overwhelmed by the intensity of the connection. Very sexy! Also, as a faithful listener to Himeros Backstage, I know you get complaints if you don’t show the cum shots, but let me cast a vote for tops coming *inside* their bottoms. Perhaps you could split the difference and let tops cum inside (where cum belongs), then showing the bottom’s cum shot. Finally, while I am a skeptic, I would readily turn to the occult if I thought it would allow me to conjure a bevy of hot studs to ravage me! I hope *that* video is forthcoming! And where did you get those hot, gay Taro cards? Share a link? Perhaps that can be my first step towards occultism…
Davey Wavey
It was actually gifted to me by Finn Deerhart! It's called "St. Jinx Arcana - The Gay Tarot, Divine Masculine Edition XXX"
I hope that last scene is act two cumming soon!
Some of the Himeros videos play out important fantasies... I love the idea of gathering the men who have really meant something to me. I would love for them to know each other and appreciate the qualities I loved in each of them. It can never happen, but this video helps me ponder that happy daydream.
This is pure fire! Excellent, thanks.
Breathtaking sex between two beautiful men!
I love this!!!

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