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Presence And Power

Added: January 1, 2024 | Runtime: 01:43:45 | 11,952 views
Liberate your body - and your pleasure! Through a series of workshops that have helped hundreds of men, sex and intimacy coach Finn Deerhart will give you the tools to radically evolve your sex life. In this two-part guide packed with workshops, you’ll learn to love your body, discover what you really want and become empowered to ask for it - and so much more!
Recent Comments:
WOW --- WOW --- WOW-eeeeeeee - OMFG -- first off I am so surprised that no one has commented on this -- as of yet. This Was incredible -- he was incredible ! There was so much here that is needed - by everyone. Seriously !!!!! -I soooooo wish that something like this existed -- so much earlier in my life. He is an amazing instructor. Even Thought there was so much information -- it was accessible, informative and valuable. I don't to be overly effusive, or to gush too much -- but this was eye opening and provides people with the ability and confidence to act,it inspires and motivates. It also promotes equality and inclusivity. This lesson is about believing in ourselves and each other, and creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. I sure hope that Finn is one of the instructors or facilitators at the up coming retreat ( experience ) in October 2024 ( in New York ). I have my ticket already and I,m keeping my fingers crossed. This was well worth the 2 hours !!!!!
Wow, that was amazing. Finn, you are an incredible facilitator. Your words are precise and I can feel so much experience and wisdom behind everything you shared. This is powerful work and could benefit so many. Thank you!
Really well done Finn and Sam. So important to try to encourage time and space when two people can create magic together. The most disappointing sex is the 10 minute meet-up, suck, fuck, cum - done. The most fun and memorable are the times to explore, touch, share, push boundaries and make it the most special time ever.

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