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Political Party Bottom

Added: October 26, 2020 | Runtime: 18:35 | 21,372 views

Political Party Bottom plays provocatively with the obvious and highly politicized homophobia/gay connection. It is a statement about overacting the masculine persona in an effort to suppress the inner feminine.

An endless parade of anti-gay politicians and religious leaders have been arrested in bathrooms for soliciting sex, caught up in scandals with male sex workers and so on. The quote, "the lady doth protest too much, methinks" comes to mind. These individuals speak out against others in an effort to cover up their own conflicted feelings and inner turmoil.

In Political Party Bottom, we see that conflict unfold in real time through the experience of a Trump supporter. His MAGA hat is a symbol - and, once it falls to the floor, the man is able to surrender into his true identity. For the first time, he kisses his partner and allows himself to be the ravenous, cock-craving party bottom that he really is.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Another great scene, with all the highlights of a well thought out theme, great direction, videography, and sound engineering. I am not normally someone who engages, in political discourse in a public forum, but what at triple punch to the MAGA campaign. First, not only does a staunch supporter engage, in hot gay sex, but it is with 2 hot black guys none the less, and culminating with the National Anthem playing. just beautiful. A perfect, example of how gay sex should be celebrated, and not discriminated against, and you really hit a soft spot with me, as a lot of my first gay encounters were in public spaces. A bit of a walk down memory lane. Well done, and looking forward to more. Did I mention that Himeros releases are a great way to get me out of bed on a Monday morning? Thanks for the inspiration Billy.
To be honest, this is one of the hottest gay porn I've ever seen, I especially liked the passive part because of its "ordinary" look.
Great job, guys. I've been saying for years that what the world needs to heal is a lot less striving and a lot more Eros. Well, this is the image of that. This is full-throated, liberated, Eros, expressed in phallus, ass, mouth, semen, the picture of what men can give to each other and, together, give the world.
AWESOME! Just AWESOME on so many levels. Pushes buttons. Arousing. Arresting. GREAT JOB!
This is why I joined. Erotic, Close Up, Music with a Visual Story (No words are needed). Men being Men! It takes you into another world.
It's porn... butt better!
Dang that’s hot. Thank you for another great erotic movie.
Hell ya! Make America Moan Again. Especially with the gallantly streaming!
Hot, humpy, hilarious. "Bombs bursting in air" indeed. Redemption through the sweetest baptism ever.
Am I the only one who found this video and fantasy totally offensive and absolutely NOT a turn on in any way. I wouldn’t suck a Trump supporter’s dick if I were drowning and his cock were an air hose. Turning our oppressors and those who would want to take away our hard-earn rights into an erotic fantasy is not hot, hilarious, or a turn-on. I suspect my comments will not be published because they are critical, but I would like to hear what others think. So far I obviously am in the minority.
Davey Wavey
In a similar boat, I wouldn't want to have sex with a Trump supporter either. It's one of the things we discuss in Himeros LIVE. Check out the episode as I had a similar critique. But many interesting points were brought up, mainly that this video is used a vehicle to illuminate the hypocrisy of the anti-gay movement.
This is beyond porn. The artistry and message of are highly elevated. Bravissimo!
Davey Wavey
Thank you!
Thanks, Davey, for publishing my comment. I’m glad the site is open to different viewpoints. Also, I guess I should have said, “I wouldn’t KNOWINGLY suck a Trump’s supporter’s dick . . . “ I can’t always be sure of the political affiliations of one-time hook-ups.
My thoughts are similar to Joe69609, even as I get the political message behind the video. The election feels all too raw, and Trump supporters all too hateful, that the image of one having the pleasure of having his ass licked really made me feel uncomfortable and the whole thing unarousing. That said, the great thing about this site is that it caters to many tastes, and can appreciate the artistic meaning and message behind it. I will check out your thoughts in the episode Davey!
First time I’ve not fast forwarded through a porn vid. That was art and erotic. Very glad to have subscribed.
My take away is that the Trump supporter had a change of heart after enjoying every minute of his sexual encounter with these three hot men. I like to think that was the reason these three hot men got into it in the first place.
Interesting... Personally, I absolutely ABHOR the thought of having to be anywhere near any type of public restroom, nay inside one, so the fantasy was never to happen, alas. But I do find tremendously noteworthy and historically relevant that silly, puerile, cliché assumptions about politics found their expression all the way into porn.
You know, I just joined, three months. I joined because I saw Davey on You Tube, read about his vision for male porn, male love, m2m - a visionary - and I knew I wanted to join and support Davey. Also Jason at Tantra. Beautiful, sexy, loving men.
"Interesting... Personally, I absolutely ABHOR the thought of having to be anywhere near any type of public restroom, nay inside one, so the fantasy was never to happen, alas. But I do find tremendously noteworthy and historically relevant that silly, puerile, cliché assumptions about politics found their expression all the way into porn." Going down on a man at all was never an option. Take a penis into my mouth. As a hs and college athlete, it wouldn't have been a good look. Davey has changed all fo this in me, I find him a visionary - was attracted to he and Jason two years back. The promise of better male porn - truer male porn - I knew male porn could be taken up a level or two. Davey's a genius. A very courageous one at that. Jason too. Hope to see both at workshops.
That's the best adult gay porn I've ever seen. So unusual, surprises, odd use of the Star Spangled Banner which pays off in Silvers, just an Academy Award winner. One famed gay director said that's the hottest thing a gay man can ever do, the hottest possible gay experience. Blowing a man anon in a public bathroom for the very first time. Felt so bad when George Michael got busted in BH, just so un necessarily humiliating. Kind of destroyed George, I thought - i.e. becoming talk show fodder. Vicious stuff that'd kill anyone.
Wow; this is so awesome.
The moment where the MAGA conservative realises that he wants this, that he feels cared for, that this might be allowed...it broke my heart, because I used to be a Canadian religious and political conservative. Now I study queer theology and dialogue with conservatives. I'm uncomfortable with patriotism of the American sort, but I'm glad it almost reached the level of parody here--nobody expects the "land of the free" to include men of differing races and politics going off like a rocket!
Taking his wedding ring off before he goes hits way too close for me!

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