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Pleasure Principle

Added: May 29, 2023 | Runtime: 18:51 | 78,359 views

This scene explores how performing your sexual pleasure, whether in front of a camera or not, feels, looks, and sounds different in your bodies compared to authentically expressing your sexual pleasure. And while we've tailored this workshop to pornstars specifically, the audience can bear witness to a gift and explore their own authentic sense of self. This scene features Liam Arnolds and Nextdoor Exclusive Trevor Harris.

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
what chemistry these two models have, what a concept for all of us to follow!!! thank you!
I don't know how much of that scene was really ad lib, but boy it felt connected and really amazingly hot. One of the best I've ever seen. Real human erotica. Thank you all for your honesty.
I agree. I seemed to me to be authentic. I liked the way the scene was set up, too. The coach was not incidental to the action but a key to it. Letting a third (or maybe more) witness real sexual connection is itself sizzling hot.
This was just excellent!! What a great idea & theme. Where in Europe was this filmed? I like the austere atmosphere & the mood of this scene. Thanks so very much. This is Himeros at its best.
Absolutely the best movie you guys have produced? Gorgeous guys in a very real and natural scene. Holding for more like this!
The intimacy between Liam and Trevor was off the chart -- and intimacy can be so sexy!
Beautiful. The guys have great chemistry. They were having so much fun. Nice concept too
awesome love making, so excitingly real, the best sex
and those tow boys are gorgeous, I would love to see more of them, please.
I loved it. The body contact and communication between the two. Something as simple as rubbing your foreheads together is so intimate. I agree they have chemistry together. This was more real life than performing. Yes they were performing but they were into each other and it became real. Another Himeros teaching and understanding of human interaction and not just porn.
Beautiful sex between two beautiful men- I love both of them!
More Liam please!
Davey Wavey
Heard that!
Wow... a very hot experience. They are both very hot but I can't tell you how excited I am... so, so, so excited that Trevor has finally joined the himeros team. Love him. Would do anything just to hug him! Biggest fantasy, other than being with him myself, would be to watch Davey and Trevor do a scene together. Wow. That would be so amazing.
What everyone else has said, and more! Trevor and Liam are both prime examples of their different body types, so perfect for the fantasy aspect of porn. In this scene, however, the genuineness and reality of intimate connection between two men - more so than two porn stars - makes the setting and experience so much more powerful. As Trevor noted, not having a script allowed him to guide the lovemaking according to what felt best for him as the bottom, and I can certainly relate to how he chose to acclimate himself to Liam's size, as well as his reaction when the pressure was hitting JUST right. This really was about as close to perfect as I can imagine. Well done, all around.
This was incredibly hot. These two men are super gorgeous and it was so much hotter without a script. Although porn can never quite be the same with the lights and crew and so on as it is with just two hot guys together enjoying each other, Liam and Trevor really did connect very well and they both had really powerful ejaculations. Thanks for sharing it with us.
So real how both Trevor and Liam take it to the next level of affection and raw deep penetrating sex.
Today is my first day on Himeros and this video is EXACTLY why I joined. Its not just that these two boys are gorgeous, but its the fact they cared about what they were doing! Their love making was organic and passionate which is sadly missing from most main stream porn. It looks like I'm going to enjoy myself for a long time to come. Thank you
There seems to be a real conection between these two, even though they are just acting.
Can we have more of Liam please
Liam is my favorite on the site. Can we see him with a hispanic man?
The exercise of gazing into the other's eyes and holding hands can be supplemented with breathing together. I have clients who do this exercise every time they come together with their partner before they say a work. It is great for letting for of all the crap of the day that we tend to bring home with us. It is a great exercise for enhancing and strengthening relationship.

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