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Added: May 27, 2024 | Runtime: 18:00 | 11,513 views

In our newest release from the "Flesh of the Gods" series, we meet Persephone - who is queen of the underworld. United with her darkness, she reigns over the realm of the dead.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
I am a big fan of Leander in any event, but this looks like a really exciting, provocative scene. I shall be tuning in on May 27!
Man gentlemen, this was hot. The expertise that Leander sucked and manipulated Kayden's cock was awesome. This video gave me a full hardon with a massive urge to want to cum. I like this type of video that causes all kinds of erotic sensations in my dick. Unfortunately I wasn't in a position to cum at the watching of the video but I did carry around a heavy and sensitive dick for an hour or two. Well done gentlemen. Himeros is the best.
Over the time you've been producing this "Flesh of the Gods" series, I've found it challenging to connect the movie with the myth behind it. This one, however, is different. The classic myth is that Persephone is imprisoned by Hades, god of the underworld, until she is released to spend six months in the upper world. It is, of course, an etiological myth about the seasonal disappearance of agricultural fecundity during the winter months (planting, impregnation of the earth) and the consequent reappearance of fruitfulness during the warmer months. If that is what you had in mind, then this really works. The blindfold is key, because the (under)world of Persephone is darkness, and she is totally subservient to Hades who loves her but must release her at the end of her "term." The "slut" and "whore" language at the beginning , if seen in this context, has to do not so much with sexual power-over as sexual power-under: being the receptacle of the seed is what the myth suggests. My mind wasn't so much on this head trip while I was watching. I was quite ready for a vid that got me to spill some seed. It worked. Thanks.
Two stunning adult models, both are my favorites! Kayden is such a dominant force! Who wouldn’t submit to his desires. One of the best Himeros videos.
clearly they have some major chemistry - nicely done

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