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Added: November 8, 2021 | Runtime: 13:36 | 31,584 views

Our "Sacred Sex" collection is a reminder that our sex is, indeed, sacred. And recognizing the sacred nature of what we do with our Erotic Bodies is the first step in countering centuries of being told that we are sinful, impure or disordered. Those words have taken their toll on our community and many of us have experienced the shame and trauma that comes with them. Maybe we can generate positivity and healing by beginning to think of our sexual experiences as moments of grace, of blessing, or as opportunities to have deep gratitude for what our bodies give us.

It’s time to take back words and concepts like ‘blessed’, ‘holy’, ‘consecrated’ and ‘sacrament’, to reclaim the truly sacred nature of our desires.

In Penance, we see a reclaiming of imagery and symbolism around this sacrament.

Video concept by Coach Nic: https://www.mindfulpleasurepractice.com

Recent Comments:
Excellent sound quality. Nothing extraneous.
I found this amazingly erotic, but I have to own that that was largely because of both sex scenes, not the theme of betrayal (?) and forgiveness. It was unclear to me as I viewed who this person was who silently watched from afar, and the scene suggested perhaps an altercation was in the offing, a surprise intervention, or maybe even some violence. So there was an element of suspense. The issue I have is that the wrong done is unclear. I infer that it is a betrayal, but of what? an agreement? A commitment? So much sexual morality is derived from heterosexual norms that it is widely believed in the gay community that stepping outside the primary relationship for sex is de facto cheating. My view is that cheating is prevaricating, lying, deceiving, the breaking of trust. The implication here is that the two lovers had an understanding that one's slipping off into the woods (how?) palpably transgressed. It would be a clearer, stronger statement if the movie had made explicit that it was not sex outside the relationship but rather the breaking of a sacred trust that warranted penance. It would also be interesting if somehow the element of accountability were introduced and not dealt with in a quick "I'm sorry" and later a "do you forgive me?" That said, the unqualified forgiveness is itself a powerfully important act.
Beautifully filmed, with very sexy models. I love all three of these actors. But I am still left wondering, why do we think that only big dicks are sexy or worthy in such films? I have had wonderful experiences with all sizes of penises. But porn, including Himeros, perpetuates the notion that only big dicks are truly valid sources of pleasure. Will we ever move beyond this?
A big dick and big loads are what fits my niche
I enjoyed that and want what each of the three experienced! Just beautiful!

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