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Added: August 29, 2022 | Runtime: 10:03 | 23,647 views

When we are deeply intimate with someone we often let the world fall away, focusing our attention on the unique, tiny details of their being. A touch, a freckle or a wrinkle can become an entire world. This video showcases those moments.

The camera guides us through this microscopic world. In this perspective, an arm will rise like a mountain. The fingers of a god-sized hand will crest over the horizon as it moves delicately along a goosebump covered arm. The fingertips take in every bump, every sensation. The feeling of open lips, a delicately touched hole, kissing, the connection between their own pleasure and the pleasure of their partner.

By examining the snake-like path of arousal, each partner works up their inner body heat to devour each other, becoming hyper aware of every little detail.

Recent Comments:
This was sensuous, intimate, tender and hot all at the same time. The oiled body at the beginning was beautiful. I loved it when Jack kissed Dillon's cock so lovingly. To me this was sweet love making between two passionate men instead of just fucking. The beautiful tender body contact and the passionate kissing melts me away. This is not porn. It is a simulation of two men who care for each other in an intimate way.
The first half- with all the close ups- was some of the best erotica ever- really evoked the experience of sex with someone with whom you have a connection. The f*king- not so much- just the usual banging. Much better could have been close ups of shoulders and backs and heads and necks during fking- focusing on the feelings rather than the banging. And coming while inside someone- does no one do that anymore?
Very erotic to the nth degree. Tender and passionate focusing on individual aspects of arousing a full body not just genitalia. That being said it did take me out of my comfort zone when it came to tongue in toes. Haven't been a fan of that in the past at all. Yet camera angles revealed the intimacy in that so kudos to opening my eyes. Also, a cock displaying obvious markings of vitiligo proves we must not be judgmental on perceived imperfections. Perhaps in a future video you may have an actor with a facial or torso port wine stain or palsied arm.
Jack's dancing cock and balls while he was being fucked became symbols of the joy he was feeling. Brilliant scene.
The music and Jack Riding in perfect time

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