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Orgasmic Firebreath: The Brotherhood - Part 5

Added: July 18, 2022 | Runtime: 14:40 | 67,658 views

Welcome, Brother, to our Tribe. To become a full member of this brotherhood we invite you onto a quest of initiation. This quest will require your openness, your vulnerability, to display your ecstasy and pleasure loudly with intensity and through this journey you will open to a new possibility of who you are discovered through your experience of sex.

"Orgasmic Firebreath" is the fifth scene in a six-part series called "The Brotherhood" which was produced in collaboration with Tantra4GayMen.

In this scene, Thyle using a tantric technique called firebreath to fuel a fantasy of two beautiful men having ecstatic sex in the forest.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com

Cinematography by @bumlights

Recent Comments:
I watched this video twice and found the sex erotic between these two beautiful men!
Those ugly tattoos sort of spoil the whole scene. Why do attractive men decide to destroy their natural beauty?
The opening scene is unparalleled to anything I've ever seen in gay porn. Very erotic as we fixate on two loving, lustful, engrossing sexual men, fully enwrapped in each other's arms as Cain heightens Drew's arousal with passionate kisses and caresses. This is acceptance, agreement and love as we should experience it. And wish more porn producers would fixate on as opposed to your standard dominance ruled acts which are the norm in porn. It's what I desire in my sex life. Real passion, love and caring.
The scenery was absolutely beautiful. There is just something special about being in nature. The passion was out of this world. The expressions on Drew's face and eyes were total passion. That was not acting, that was total bliss. Cain is one hot and sexual man. Wow he is a powerful presence. I am curious about one thing. Drew came twice but the first release was clear liquid. Did he ejaculate pre cum or did he release some urine or both? Man it was hot. I loved the tight body contact. If that was all acting by Drew he should win an Academy Award. There is something about that man that is total passion. Thyle was so hot out there conjuring up the sex in his mind. He is so damn cute. I don't think he ejaculated but it would have been cool to see a wet spot on his pants. This scene is among your best.
WOW! that spin up of the camera as they were fucking . Absolutely beautiful. When Cain made Drew release, I was mesmerized and had to rewatch several times. I am sure I will again and again. Then when Drew came, the connection was intense.
Wow! A hands-free orgasm followed by a second. These videos show what happens when two guys who are into each other get together. The facial expressions! The body language! The scenery. The bare feet. Everything comes together to make this an outstanding video.
My goodness, this was the most erotic and most powerful video i have watched on Himeros. This had it all and made me fall in lust Cain. He is an amazingly powerful man who had the stamina of a 20 year old. My gawd, a man who seemed built to fuck. Beautifully videographed and flows so well. The hands free orgasm was delicious and testament to the connection between the two men. Loved this video - best ever! Thanks guys
I love the piss!
wow very hot I loved that the guy pissed himself when getting fucked.
Second comment. This is another of my go to videos. The contrast in Drew's body to Cain's sturdy, rugged, muscled bear, lends us to see him as dominant yet tender in loving Drew. From the very beginning where they are enwrapped in sensual embrace then Cain reaching to hold Drew's erect cock as he rims him...SEDUCTIVE. Loving sex which we are assured both are enjoying and Drew very receptive of.
Watching this for a long time after the initial release. Very good on all counts. I note that no one mentions Thule. At first ut seemed that he was only a gimmick to get to the substance of his fantasy. On second viewing, however, it seems to me that what is happening is a split screen, showing the tantric fire breath technique by a masturbator pleasuring himself and a couple who are engaging in partnered sex. I appreciate the intention of showing the partnered sex as a fantasy of Thyle's but I think the fantasy stands on its own as illustrative of the deep connection that emanates from conscious breathing.
To answer @Xavier949, Drew’s first orgasm and ejaculation looks like normal semen to me (but I can only watch on my iPad so I can’t be sure). But I gotta say this is one of the hottest gay sex films I have ever seen, with Drew moaning, grunting and gasping for several minutes in extreme sexual ecstasy as Cain fucks him, expertly massaging Drew’s prostate with his fat cock, until Drew reaches orgasm at 9:30 and his cock ejaculates spurts of semen just from being fucked by Cain (no hands were used!) - and Cain just carries on fucking him right through to a second orgasm (this time assisted by Drew masturbating). A scorching ride for Drew, and for us the lucky viewers!

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