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Open Invitation

Added: June 28, 2021 | Runtime: 13:23 | 29,640 views

Sex is expressed largely in scripted ways until we learn to identify our own unique eroticism and diversify how we express it. We may repeat the same patterns again and again until we reach an acknowledgement of personal boredom and a sense of agency in learning new ways of expressing. For many, the boredom is easy to identify, but the agency requires radical ownership of one’s body and a willingness to deconstruct one’s own preferred self-image.

Fantasy provides a map of exactly what we need to emotionally engage in sexual behavior. Unfortunately, we have not been assisted along our developmental paths in discovering how our emotions significantly inform our desires. The vast majority of us have learned that sex is a function of objects and their acquisition rather than a reciprocal act built upon emotional revelation through the language of our bodies.

In our relationships, fantasies can be enormous assets to discover how to open up more in partnership as well as in our own erotic natures. So many men fall into a script with each other, leaving the rest to seize them in their dreams, longings, and shadows. Some feel guilty for fantasizing while with a partner. Some secretly horde a collection of fantasies that are never revealed to the other partner. We take hold of the power of our unconscious if we are brave enough to reveal ourselves and co-create an authentic erotic narrative: a unique feature of each relationship, unlike any other possible narrative “out there” somewhere.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
So first impression is that it was a very creative way to spice up a relationship that has moved into the comfortable zone. side note it is a great tool to use when you are just not connecting on a "hook up," it has saved me on more than one occasion. Unfortunately the apps, have not found a way to measure compatibility. A different take and not to sound judgemental, would be for Alex and Ebor to have had a conversation about the hot bell boy, and have Gabriel switch roles throughout the scene, i.e. both Alex and Ebor fantasizing about fucking Gabriel. just another take, to fuel thought for another scene. other than that, great scene, with everything that honestly I have come to appreciate about Himeros.......cinematography, lighting, unique settings. Great job Davey and Crew. looking forward to the discussion Friday.
The video may portray a fantasy but, ah, lucky Alex lived it!
If I had read the description first, I might not have watched the video. It sounds like a doctoral dissertation. Too much jargon and seriousness. The video, on the other hand, is a joy to watch. Lots of fun and with three handsome hot men. I may have a fantasy or two based on this scene.
Davey, your videos never cease to amaze me. I get as much enjoyment from the production aspect, in this case the plucking of the stringed instruments in a playful tone along with the piano and other instruments. The scenery and filming is reminiscent of a mainstream film. The only thing that sets the video apart from a mainstream film is the sex which in this scene was hot and playful. I was kind of thinking like Brockb in which I wonder if Ebor would have been happy about it if he knew all that heightened pleasure Alex was experiencing was caused physically by Ebor and mentally by Gabriel? It was a hot fantasy but maybe it should be Alex's little secret in his mind. I'm not sure how I would react if everything my partner was doing to me was fueled by the fantasy of another person. If I knew I had a sensitive partner I would keep it to myself. As the old song goes: "What I don't know can't hurt me, it can't break my heart into".
Any video with Gabriel Cross is a winner for me!!!
Great music! loved the story, too!
I loved it.....basically just the video version of a typical guy fantasizing about someone they just met and thought hot, while someone you love is actually doing it while you think about it.....it's very easy and lightens the emotional burden of fantasy. I would like more like this but with other fantasies and different actors, just like one's fantasies. You don't fantasize about the one that's there but rathe the one that isn't. Or three. haha
Yes, I'm guilty of fantasies like this when making love--thinking of guys I'd like to fuck or be fucked by--images swimming in my head!
What a great video, showing the heat in both situations….really loved this!! Hot guys too.
Fun! Would have been interesting twist at the end to have found that Ebor was also fantasizing about being with Gabriel, switching out Alex. Grin. Loved this!
rhino445 Isn't that why these videos are streets ahead of others, in that they are more eroticism than porn. The music was a fun reflection of what was going on on the bed. Finn Deerhart - well done.
Fun video.

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