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(Not So) Innocent

Added: June 5, 2023 | Runtime: 14:17 | 58,610 views

A seemingly innocent boy walks into a leather bar filled with daddies. The men look at him with hungry eyes - and he seems out of his depth. But the innocence wanes as the scene evolves.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com.

Recent Comments:
Look forward to seeing this one!
One of the hottest movies you've made!!
Wow! That was stunning sex!
This vid is so hot! Loved the chemistry between the two, and being watched like that is definitely a fantasy!
This movie embodied a couple of my wildest fantasies. Loved the section with the missionary position!
I found this video rather boring. After the pants come off the scenes go on too long with the same action and sounds. And another video where the genitals of the bottom are ignored and barely seen. Only the top gets an orgasm. It leaves me unsatisfied.
I liked how the twink became the dom pushing the daddy. But there was the aspect where it seemed we were going to be denied a hot cum shot. And then we saw the cream pie. Something I've asked for before. Yet I have to agree with another comment, scant attention was given to the son. Is he not allowed to climax as well?
Davey Wavey
He wasn't denied a cum shot. Sometimes when you film or when you have sex, ejaculation isn't happening. It didn't happen and we didn't want to spend hours trying to force it. We need to retrain our expectations around cum.
The innocent get hungry too. When hunger, drive, and control boil over, it’s anything but youthful . And it’s his for the taking with the classic Himeros elements we’ve come to expect. What he takes and how he finishes, it’s all part of his own becoming. Great capture!
I think this is the hottest clip that you’ve made. Watched it several times so far!!
Jake is one of the hottest young men here!
This story of a bottom (with a relatively slight build) who, with utter resolve, takes control of a top (built like a bull), reminds me of the happier parts of the myth of Pasiphae, the woman who is cursed with a devouring desire for a bull, which she then manipulates into pounding her. (Do not attempt this at home. Federal, state, and local laws may apply. Plus, ew!) Pasiphae then gives birth to the (powerful and voracious) minotaur. Of course, this scene is better, since other bulls are watching!
Hot... a question... what happened to Long sensuous kissing in porn? Seems like all I see these days is lip smacking, chomping as if they're chewing on something that's hard to swallow. Just an observation. It was particularly obvious with this couple. Love the last scene with the cum dripping under the guy's balls.
Wow, great video
Amazing sexual energy, the passion and drive behind the boy/sexy guy was an erotic joy to watch. Loved how he took charge and forced his desires and wishes on his target in the movie - forcing him to even keep his hard cock inside his hungry ass until he had fully emptied his load up his ass. The one thing I wished I could have seen was for the camera to stay on the fucking action as his balls emptied and got to see his cock get softer until it finally comes out and fall limp on his leg and then to see that sexy scene of the cum lazing out that hungry hole and run down his ball sac, so very hot.
So what if the little guy didn't come? He could've been saving it for whoever was going to fuck him next, or for the guy after that.
Incredible energy and seductive action ... this could get tagged 'Best of Himeros'!
Very interesting watch, though I felt very neutral while seeing it - a lot of erotic videos feel mentally "inspiring" to me more than arousing actually :D To be honest, I find it pretty neat not everyone has to shoot all the time - quite the opposite, an important part of sex life in my opinion is also to allow bondings with deeper intentions than just the climax at the end. If climax feels obligatory at alla times, the act is just for lust and not for love
Very hot video. How could anyone not find that very erotic to watch. Love the ending where the daddy blows his load inside the boy, where it should be!

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