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Nontoxic Masculinity

Added: September 26, 2022 | Runtime: 14:18 | 36,686 views

This scene is a spoof on a popular gay porn site... It's created not for the mere joy of sarcasm, but to illuminate a deeper layer of messages about masculinity, and the subtle ways in which we are all informed about how to be as men. The intent is to dispel stereotypical, behavioral notions about masculinity and to poke fun at the performative, often toxic masculinity that our community tends to idolize.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com
Recent Comments:
Declan's high voice and authenticity are SO HOT; Gay men should be able to be GAY, whatever that means to us, you know?
Being a dude can be whatever you want it to be. You can't *easily* escape the physical manifestations of masculinity, but you can make it your own by expressing who you are, regardless of your affect. Gay and bisexual men need men, flamboyant, straight-acting, reserved, outgoing, quiet, etc. Wes' portrayal in this film is not stereotypical gay. He isn't over-the-top, flamboyant. But notice he doesn't try to change Declan to mold him into the kind of gay man he needs to get off. What he needs is masculine intimacy. A deep connection to another man (flamboyant or not) that goes beyond the physical act of sex. He needs a deep emotional connection that says "I love you as a man and am turned on by your masculinity - however it is you define it. I understand you. I deeply love you for that." It's only then that Wes is able to truly let himself go and succumb to his body's desire to orgasm with a man who also gets to participate in and bask in the glory of Wes' precious seed. It is a sacred moment between men to share themselves, regardless of how they choose to be gay, at such an intimate level. Bravo, Himeros for showing what gay sex really means for those who truly allow themselves to be who they are.
This is one of the FUNNIEST and HOTEST videos I've seen! Declan is hilarious LOL!
This may be the most fun scene yet. The oh, so staged interview at the beginning. The "Would you believe this is my first time?" question as they plow into serious, experienced sex. And there's just the plain joy of the two of them together, which is hot. And such a firehose of cum! True, it may not be as erotically intellectual as some other H-i-m-e-r-o-s scenes (interestingly, at least on my computer, the chat box autocorrects H-i-m-e-r-o-s to Homers...), but it was delightful for tearing the veneer off the premise of other sites.
Adorable and hot
There’s nothing toxic about this joyful display of healthy masculinity
They seemed to be enjoying each other as they are. Being gueer is OK and I am thankful for this site where we accept each other for who we are.

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