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Added: September 4, 2023 | Runtime: 16:52 | 18,131 views

This is the first scene from our "Erotic Playground" series which was filmed in the Austrian Alps at an old monastery. Each scene features models connecting with their younger self and aspects of growing up. Sometimes, it's about helping our younger self grow and evolve. Sometimes it's about listening to our younger self - and learning from our lost wisdom and reconnecting with curiosity and joy. Sometimes, it's a little bit of both.

What's the message here? Perhaps the best way to conquer one's fears is to face them - and fuck them - directly. Just as a nightmare loses its grip on us when we confront it, our fears lose their power when we process and integrate what they're illuminating. Or maybe this scene is about finding pleasure in the darkness or the unknown. Or maybe it’s about finding and surrendering to waves of ecstasy in the midst of a living nightmare. Or maybe it's just a fun scene with two hot guys fucking.

“Porn is not a monolith, it is a medium used to document and express ideas, and to tell stories. Sometimes it is as simple as ‘these hot people have sex’, sometimes it is about subverting accepted patriarchal constructs and creating space for self-actualization, sometimes it is about mutant aliens fucking in space, sometimes it could be all three. Does the pleasure on screen always have to be ‘authentically’ felt? Sometimes, yes. More often, maybe. Always, no.” (Vex Ashley, 2016)

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Special thank you to Smitizen for the monster gloves.
Recent Comments:
Not a nightmare to me but a dream come true which I would enjoy! It was beautiful!
One of your better videos. Wonderfully imaginative and erotic to the max
The biggest nightmare: those ugly and horrible tattoos. What happened to his younger self that compelled him to abuse his body like that?
Davey Wavey
I think his tattoos are beautiful - and I appreciate his creative expression.
It seemed like creature coming for him. The man/creature was very authentic. I loved the teasing while he is under the bed. Seeing the hands tease at the underwear was beautiful. Their passion for each other was erotic.
As usual the Backstage discussions are worth checking out. I guess like most people of any kind, I remember fearfully checking under the bed as a small child. A recurrent adult fear has been overstepping boundaries - I've got into bad states in the dark, with 'nightmares' ie negative fantasies (ie horrible ones), about that, especially fearing being as an older guy being on the wrong side of #MeToo But, I have wondered about the FOMO that I've had thinking other guys have all the fun & I'm sidelined. Which I have to keep telling myself is not true: I don't miss out, I'm not sidelined and I get plenty of fun. But that well-worn 'script' can still run. Another source of FOMO might be from my childhood asthma - wheezing and alone, saving my Teddy. This video seems to hold space for many diffrent kinds of fears. (And as per the Backstage, for me the crucifix references religious-based fears, which loom large for many. It was flmed in a monastery (!) so I imagine the guest room had one anyway - I don't know if there was a dleiberate decision to include it, but adds another layer).
Awww... I was assuming the very last scene would be him waking up. Oh well. Was hot.

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