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Multicolor - Dance With Me

Added: October 10, 2022 | Runtime: 12:26 | 18,625 views

In this video from the "Colors of Desire" collection, we celebrate the full range of colors in the rainbow.

As the models free their bodies and let the music move through them, they are reclaiming their innermost joy and letting go of the stresses and anxieties of the outside world. This energy evolves and begins to take on an erotic and sexual quality.

Video concept by sex and intimacy coach Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
What a fun celebration of male sexuality! I came half way through it
Two sexy young guys. I love the eroticism of using the underwear in the beginning of the scene, and at the end stuffing his face blue briefs into his mouth.
I get turned off when you use blue lighting and you can't appreciate the models
Wow... very hot! Love both the models... great match!!!!

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