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Mountain Top: The Brotherhood - Part 4

Added: May 2, 2022 | Runtime: 20:12 | 54,680 views

Welcome, Brother, to our Tribe. To become a full member of this brotherhood we invite you onto a quest of initiation. This quest will require your openness, your vulnerability, to display your ecstasy and pleasure loudly with intensity and through this journey you will open to a new possibility of who you are discovered through your experience of sex.

"Mountain Top" is the fourth scene in a six-part series called "The Brotherhood" which was produced in collaboration with Tantra4GayMen.

In this scene, Thyle wakes up to find Cain and Jameson standing over him. The two men massage Thyle's hole, and open him up for a delicious and healing session of fucking.

Getting your hole worked isn't just a fun way to experience pleasure. Anal massage can be a cathartic, trauma releasing process to enable healing and greater sensitivity to energy.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com

Cinematography by @bumlights

Recent Comments:
A nice way to start my day!
Rather boring, both the sex and the moaning, which sounds coached, not spontaneous. The men didn’t show much connection to each other. It does look good though.
Beautiful, scene, men, setting and cinematography. I know this one isn't part of the sacred sacrament series, but I think it feels like i witnessed a religious experience. One of my favourites for sure.
I found my way to Himeros.TV through the podcast, Himeros Live (now Himeros Backstage) about 3 years ago. I subscribed to Himeros.TV to support the company’s mission, but I mostly ignored the website and videos while remaining a faithful listener to the podcast. It is only recently that I started making an effort to add the Himeros content into my porn consumption routine, and this is this first video that really took me there! That is not a slight against any of the other excellent videos, but it was as if this one was tailor made to ring mall of my bells. Cain and Jordan are two distinct flavors of Top that I enjoy individually, but rarely see mixed together, and this fusion was pure ecstasy for me. Finishing off with an internal cum shot…fireworks. Thank you, and well done all!

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