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Added: October 12, 2020 | Runtime: 32:41 | 33,860 views

Talking about sex can be so challenging for us, especially while we are in the midst of a whirlwind of cocks, balls, fantasy and, unfortunately, mounds of pressure that we put on ourselves to be perfect sex partners - whatever that means! There are many reasons as to why we may not advocate for what we want. So often, we may not even be in touch with our own true desires; we likely show up and do what we have always done. Perhaps we strive to perform whatever assumptions we have absorbed from porn or from uninformed peers. Or, perhaps we elect to “go with the flow” instead of steering towards our own fulfillment. Maybe we feel unworthy of getting what we want. Whatever the cause of our own personal silence, the vast majority of us have never been encouraged to talk openly about our realities and logistics of real sex - the kind of sex that we co-create in real time with another being. When we begin opening up to our partners about what we like, what we want, and what we may not like, we refine our connections and throttle the excitement and authenticity in our sex. As authenticity increases, so does pleasure.

Play this game with a lover in a structured way, or simply utilize these cues to practice bringing your desire into a more fully embodied experience. You can direct your lover using words, movements, sounds and gestures. Our mother language is the body, so sometimes, even using your hand to guide him to where you want to be touched can be a profound revelation to your partner. The important feature of this practice is to take turns directing the flow of sex in order to get it just right for yourself and your buddy.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Incredible film.... and in a world, where most of our "instructions" to our sexual partner is limited to "just like that"....this video was a great reminder, or in a lot of cases, a first teaching that our partners can't read our minds, and that just some requests and words here and there won't take away from the experience, but it will add to it - in the most positive and sensual ways...
Davey Wavey
Exactly! I think the most important thing that I learned about GREAT sex is to communicate - and not just expect our partners to read our minds. Communication can be sexy, and come in the form of words and dirty talk. But we can also communicate with grunts and groans, and with the movements of our bodies.
So where to begin, I admit that when you mentioned in last weeks podcast, that there was a fisting scene, i thought I would be fast forwarding through it. In any other fisting scene I have partially watched, it has been from the perspective of the person doing the fisting, and has been more about how far they could get there hand up, with little regard for how the receiver was feeling, or taking any instruction from the receiver. This one however i watched from start to finish, as it was directed by the receiver, and was consistent with all of the other areas Adam and Nate explored, truly pleasing the receiver. a great scene from start to finish. And I think I may have a new favourite performer, I have always been on team Adam, and although he full delivered, I think I may have fallen for Nate, his emotion and displays of pleasure appear to be very raw and personal. A true pleasure to witness. Billy
Davey Wavey
Nate and Adam are both true rockstars.
I absolutely loved this video. Each model’s sharing what he wanted and how he liked it was so hot and so real. While fisting has never been in my toolbox, I found it sensual and arousing. Nate wanted it and Adam obliged in a way that I found beautiful and intimate. I also loved their looking into each other‘s eyes. More please!
Davey Wavey
I'm glad you loved it. This video is much longer than our typical video, but there was so much chemistry and connection that we filmed during their extended play session. It didn't feel right to cut any of the juiciness.
Beautiful! Erotic, honest, and I love how the two models are in constant engagement with each other. There's a continual dialogue, asking for what they want, either through words or gestures. I love this so much. A great modeling of consent and genuine caring for our own bodies and the bodies of our partners.
Oh, YES! More Like This, please! The verbal and non-verbal communication was surprising to see at work without sounding like a sex manual and a real eye opener. And not to forget the communication that (should) goes on before sex and the after-glow. This has bumped to my all time favorite list, hands down.
Wow! This is a longer video than most here. It needs to be longer because it flows as a journey of sexual pleasure of communicating what each partner in this scene enjoys most while the other listens and responds to the cues of his lover. Though they both attain an exquisite orgasm of their own in the end, the hottest thing is how they get there with each other. Lovemaking at its finest.
I love this video and how it demonstrates that checking in and asking if your partner is feeling comfortable doesn't have to be a mood killer. In fact, it makes the experience so much more hotter and pleasure-filled.
Wow. Just wow.
I have always thought of fisting as an aggressive sexual act. This amazing video has changed my mind on that. Here Adam and Nate share incredible intimacy and connection. There is no brutality here - just beauty. Thank you.
This video is another in a long line of examples that show why Himeros is unique and wonderful: it is all about authenticity. And each of the H scenes does that in a way that shows the amazing and wonderful variety of man to man Connections. The variety of models and the genuineness of the way they relate to each other and act creates wonderful sexual energy that draws the viewer In & connect personally and allows him to share it and enjoy it. Thank you for the gift that is Himeros.
This was one of the most beautiful fisting scenes between two men I have ever seen. Usually they are a turn off because there is so much gratuitous noise. What I liked here was that they both were so quiet. All their communication was through body language -- a look, a smile, a slight movement that helped their partner understand what was pleasurable. More Nate Grimes please.
another master piece, Finn you have done it again, thanks to Davey and crew!
Beauty & poetry! Fantastic piece!
Best video for overall communication between the two for sure. Super hot. As others, I did not expect to accept and even be turned on RE fisting; but it's the trust and communication. Thanks Finn! Let's all "use our words" guys, it's hot!
Best video ever by Himeros. Extended time; authentic; super hot; loving; educational.
This video is a stunning example of what I would call "Long-Form Gay Erotica". I watched it from start to finish--all 32 minutes and 41 seconds. While I watched the video, I also watched how my own body sank in and relaxed deeply into the journey I was given the privilege of joining with these two gorgeous men. Just watching the beauty of their bodies alone was enough to keep my heart excited...but then there was the absolutely unique quality of this video...the quality of connection that could actually happen when men actually TALK about what feels really good. Watching this video made me wonder how gay porn ever became the industry it became...of selling a form of sex that really isn't real at all. Instead, tonight, I got to enjoy seeing what happens when two human beings actually meet sexually--on film! The world needs to see this. I'm so excited to see this Reality brought alive in film. Many thanks to my friend Finn Deerhart for framing so many of the values I hold dear to my own heart (and my own sex life) in a way that can be fully digested and enjoyed in yet another gorgeous video. I would also like to say how grateful I am to the people who shot and edited this video. I've helped co-create many videos, and I've often longed for more videos where the transcendental, out-of-this world quality mind-blowing sex could be communicated. I LOVED the way that most of this video allowed the sounds of the men's breath and voices to be the only sound--only to be occasionally punctuated by the perfect choice of music for a minute or so, accompanied by slow motion to communicate to the audience what it feels like to fucking "lose yourself" in the passion of out-of-this-world pleasure. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so grateful.
I keep returning to this video. I usually identify with only one performer. With this video I switched between each one. Amazing. More of Nate, please.
Just watched it again. So I thought I could comment this time. Adam and Nate are as you say Davey, “rock stars.” Tremendous love making video. A whole new appreciation for fisting. I think Adam did it tonight as well as it can possibly be done. Twice on top of it. Truly while they are “models,” they certainly got into their parts. More like it please. Thank you. As “Jonathascircle” said, “wow. Just wow.” Happy New year.
What a beautiful film. Adam and Nate have contrasting body types but they are undoubtedly sensually and passionately complementary. They are so in tune with each other's body and soul. I especially loved the nipple stimulation. Our nipples can give so much pleasure in our love making but are often overlooked. Adam and Nate really understood how to use their nipples to intensify their experience. Give us more of these "rock stars."
I’m a new member and have been watching the videos. This one, by far, is the most erotic that I’ve seen here so far. The chemistry between these 2 was unmistakable...and there was everything one could look for...hot men, kissing, feet,,,oral, anal. Even the fisting scene was like love making. Great job! I wish they would have licked each other’s loads...but one can’t have everything. Great video. Can’t wait to keep watching others!
I love the nipple play and wish that we would see more of that in future videos.
This short film production is one of my top 3 so far on your site. I love the chemistry between them, the way they share each other’s bodies is so intoxicating. I love the interplay of fisting while sharing some serious passion with another guy. The film shows some of my favorite experiences while sharing love and passion with another man. They explored some areas of sexual play that a lot of men ignore or don’t explore. Kissing feet and toes, fisting, oral, enjoyment of licking your lovers anus, prostate play during oral, kissing, but most importantly communication was expressed between them. They enjoyed eye contact, verbal and physical exchanges of energy. Absolutely beautiful intimate portrayal of two lovers. It would not matter if they just met or if the represent a long standing relationship. Round of applause and quite possibly a standing ovarian to the cast, crew, and production team. Please make more like this!
This is a true masterpiece. Were it a dvd available for sale; I would have ordered it as soon as I watched it (the first time)
beautifully done. But I have to wonder who was doing the moaning and saying "aw yeah." The guy getting fisted had his mouth closed at the time, and the other guy was busy sucking his buddy's toes.
It's good. But you've gone from a holistic approach to smut. I can get that anywhere. Where's more nude yoga, nude massage...etc.?
I don’t think I breathed watching this. It was so hot, and so amazing. Beautiful men. Beautiful sex together. I can’t even…..
This is the perfect video to show fisting.... It's beautiful... Fisting doesn't have to be all piggy - grunting - leather - poppers -slings - multiple arms (not saying THAT scene doesn't have place)... The overshot of Adam fisting Nate - the look on Adam's face and the look of opening on Nate's face - priceless. I had wish I had seen this video about fisting years ago, I would have been more excited to try it earlier in life. It's not about power or dominance - top or bottom it's much simpler - it's trust and willingness. This is a true gem for the site. THANKS!!
Thankyou. Your models are so sensitive to each other. Fisting should be enjoyed as these two do. I have not had an erection in many years. had one with this video. Thanks again.
My second day on this site, and already this is the best video I've ever seen. Adam and Nate made me believe that they were a long time married couple who's passion is to make each other not only happy, but wrapped in love. It was authentic and HOT. I have never enjoyed watching fisting, until now. it was done lovingly with nothing violent about it. I look forward to seeing them - and others - do this type of long-format video. Thank you!!!
This is still not in my wheelhouse but oh it was beautiful.

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