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Mirror, Mirror

Added: May 8, 2023 | Runtime: 16:10 | 18,466 views

It is impossible for us to validate ourselves solely by ourselves, because we are social, relational creatures. In this scene, self-love is experienced in the eyes of another - as the idea of dirty talk is expanded to include not just "fuck yeahs" but also emotional processing and affirmations.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
I'm looking forward to this gorgeous video. Bravo, Finn, for another touching, emotionally raw, sex positive experience.
Jonah Wheeler gets better and better. Paired with Benny, he has made yet another video that elevates porn way beyond entertainment. He easily crosses the line between acting-as-pretending and acting-as-honest-revelation, displaying what it is like for good, raw, unbridled sex to be deeply personal, profoundly relational. Benny is amazing in his own right. I found his reticence to claim his own beauty totally believable (that reticence is universal, after all), and his suppleness at learning to behold himself mirrored without being lured into self-criticism a powerful response to his partner's genuine praise of his beauty. This is in many ways Vintage Himeros. Sexy and deeply spiritual in the same breath.
It is just amazing how well these stories are created, written and performed. The way Jonah boosted Bennys self esteem about himself was a work of art. Finn did a great job with this one. Benny's performance was spot on but Jonah in my opinion is the most realistic performer you have in your company of actors. His genuineness sweet and kind personality come across on the screen. I would have to say he is my favorite Himeros performer because of this and he is one sexy man too all wrapped up in one package.
What a vulnerable, tender moment between these two men! Hot and sexy….
so insightful, congratulations Finn! beautifully done Davey!
OMG - that was the most beautiful, tender, and sensual film I've seen in a while!!! The connection and chemistry on display had me aroused from the first few seconds. In some films, I feel I have to fast forward or skip over certain segments, but I had to watch this one all the way through! Thank you!
beautiful. simply beautiful. he is beautiful. they are beautiful. we are beautiful. sometimes we implode and need reminded of our beauty. and Finn! Finn, YOU are beautiful!
My God! Who hasn't dreamed of this?! So wonderful. Mr. Wavey, you have some major star power in your hands. I hope "they" are made very happy and plan to stick around to shine more. The fans will stick around, I'm sure.
THIS is the kind of content I am sooo happy to be paying for. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I have high expectations for Himeros videos, and this one simply astonished me with its beauty -- physical, emotional, erotic, psychological, spiritual. Jonah Wheeler is my favorite Himeros model, for all the reasons mentioned in a previous comment; and Benny Blazin shows amazing depth, tenderness, and vulnerability. The direction was inventive and sensitive. This video deserves Oscars in every category! More videos like this, please!
Aside from being erotic, this was so sweet, affirming, and kind. Thank you.
So beautiful. Jonah can talk me through anything, anytime.
I can't tell you how validating it was to hear, "You're so nice to touch." Maybe it's my autistic brain, but there is something *so* good about finding a partner with a "good skin feel." :)
Also: I love how Jonah seems to get so much joy from sexual connection. It's amazing. :)
This is a wonderful scene with two beautiful men.

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