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Meat Market

Added: October 9, 2023 | Runtime: 15:37 | 21,273 views

For many, gay sexuality is reduced to stats and preferences. In an age in which our first encounters with potential sex partners are largely digital, we have encased the ethos of connection into strategic maneuvers advanced one message, one image shared, at a time - a function of numbers and where they fall on our collective continuum of acceptability. At the same time, like never before, we enjoy greater access to individuals who, like all of us, long for connection and who utilize apps to rendezvous. We are caught in an unfolding paradox: at once, we are both liberated as well as constrained. As well, like never before, the power of our intention is critical to move us beyond these domains of our physical attributes into spiritual union that we crave. Behind our personal stats lie our hopes and fears, and if we are to be truly free, we must express what we keep inside.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Looks HOT
There seems to me to be a disconnect between the video and the concept. Aside from the brash meat market motif at the beginning, nothing in this video sets it apart from dozens of other good Himeros movies. It's a hot scene alright, one that many of us have lived in reality or fantasy or both. What does the meat market do to the ones picked over and not chosen? And what if they aren't young, cis-gendered, fit, photogenic (one could go on)? And how was either man changed or enlightened from the experience in the sauna? You can bet that in a real life scene like this there would be plenty of underlying hopes and fears. If nothing more happened than a couple of stunning cum shots preceded by the perfunctory sucking, rimming, and fucking, both men would leave as empty as Mother Hubbard's cupboard, only to repeat the chase again and again with momentary fulfillment and no satiation of "that spiritual union we crave." What might happen if the two men actually exchanged names? How might the vibe shift a little if one confessed some nervousness? What would be the reaction if the penetrator were told, "That's not working for me,..." Or is the silence of any of this precisely the point of the video?
Very hot. All six guys in the “market” are fucking amazing. I hope we see a lot more of Jordan (and AJ)!
Choosing your partner in a line-up of wonderful studs revealed a very hot, loving and immensely erotic viewing experience.
As usual, Himeros stimulates interest in several ways. Naturally it's sexy. But the opening 'meat market' scene 'triggered' my memories and feelings of cruising saunas, of looking at and of being looked at. Following @jonathanscircle, I too wondered what the story might have been for the other characters. Maybe this depicts our - my - disregard of the fate of unpicked. And perhaps, the brutal transactionality of cruising - ie, an essentially physical connection highly conditional upon 'meat' value. I noticed AJ's character tried erasing Jordan's labels, maybe to attempt a distancing from his 'purchase' (*) but the writing remained... (I forced myself to watch again to check (!)... Actually, I didn't watch it thru the first time (maybe in part to skip to the cum shots??)... but maybe also my discomfort over the 'market', being myself long over my 'best before' date... Hmmm. As ever, lots to reflect on... as well as enjoy (which I unashamedly did!🍆 💦😜) (* This was probably not intended, but does the line up of naked men and rather rough handling and picking reference slavery? In which case ironically, as here it's a man of color picking from a line of white men. Maybe Backstage will reveal all!)
Very satisfying to watch and I am sure for these two beautiful men!
This is very much a fantasy of mine. Picking a guy from a line-up, for sex, or being picked from a line-up for sex.
Once again, you have hit it out of the park. What starts as a meat market of stud hung men turned into an increasingly wonderful sexual connection between two super handsome, sexy muscle studs. Their chemistry becomes terrific. The affection that evolves makes this very intimate and lovely. For two muscle studs to develop such sweet close connections is really terrific. Thank you! To you, and to the two beautiful men.

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