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Added: February 21, 2020 | Runtime: 01:03:44
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video.
Recent Comments:
I think the increasing availability of porn after the popular culture hit Deep Throat in 1972 in one of the important causes of men today being afraid to be naked in public spaces. Porn became the primary place where guys saw nudity and of course in the vast majority of the cases could not measure up in their minds. I think Himeros with its iconoclastic approach to porn has an opportunity to show hot sex with hot men who happen to have small dicks. I mean both tops and bottoms. We all know that such sex exists in real life so why not celebrate it. I think Himeros is the perfect place to initiate this much needed diversity in gay porn.
I come from a generation where we experienced nudity starting in junior high school phys ed classes and for me continued up through my time in the army. While the nudity was awkward at the beginning, it was an important rite of passage. We saw that dick size in no way correlated with someone's intelligence, popularity, leadership skills, athletic ability, number of girlfriends etc. Guys had different looking dicks and that was that. The nudity served as a kind of neutralizer. It is too bad that younger generation no longer experience this important life lesson.
As an old guy, I was surprised and amused that none of you know why we blow dry our crotches. It's not rocket science: a blow dryer works better than a towel. Think of the hair on your head -- unless it's extremely short, you can't get it completely dry with a towel. That's why you use a blow dryer on your head. The same principle holds for your pubic hair and scrotum. Just use medium heat, not high. If you've been putting dry underwear on a moist crotch for your whole life, treat yourself to the sensual comfort of a totally dry crotch. To expand on a Beatles quote, Happiness is a warm gun in a dry holster.
On a serious note, I'd like to respond to Mark, who submitted the question about aging. I'm 70 and had radiation treatment for prostate cancer about 15 years ago. My penis can get a little longer when I'm aroused, but it's never really hard, although I can ejaculate. Nevertheless, I've had some of the best sexual experiences of my life over the last few years, including dry orgasms that continued for two hours (hint: do your Kegel exercises frequently). Hookups may not be possible for you any more, but if you can find men who enjoy erotic massage, you can have lots of blissful and gratifying experiences. Last night I participated with a dozen other men in a blindfolded naked touch ritual, which was fun for all. The biggest obstacle you face is the narrow definition of sex as erection and ejaculation, which most men accept without even thinking about it. If you can expand your definition of sex to include sensuality, affection, emotional intimacy and spirituality, and if you can let go of goal-oriented sex and open yourself to ecstasy in the present moment -- a kind of erotic meditation -- then you will find that your body is capable of many pleasures that you haven't even experienced yet. Loving and accepting yourself as you are includes being open to new experiences. See if you can find any tantric teachers or erotic spirituality groups in your area, or check out the resources you can find online. You have a lot of potential pleasure in your future.