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Loved Him - Himeros LIVE

Added: April 30, 2021 | Runtime: 01:05:23 | 1,474 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
What a beautiful and touching podcast. I so enjoyed listening to You, Finn and Brad not just about the podcast itself but talking about the past aids crisis too. I was glued to the conversation and took a lot from it. It was so real and honest. I enjoyed Brad's thoughts on the subjects and learning a little of his coming up. He is a passionate and loving guy. I also appreciated the way Finn took all shaming away about the use of condoms and you guys confirming there are many ways to enjoy sex other than fucking. Like Brad I like a lot of dick-to-dick companionship. I also enjoy docking, so intimate. Body-to-body contact is a form of sex to me. I notice Brad shows it quite a bit in his videos. I agree with you Davey a condom takes some of the closeness and feeling away from anal sex. But that being said I only bareback with someone I totally know and have feelings for and he has feelings for me. I can't and won't do it casually. That for me is reserved for a loving relationship only. This is definitely the best podcast to date and Loving Him is the best video you have made to date. Not just for the erotica but for the emotions and trueness of the film. In this film you and Brad have given the community a great gift. Davey, I can't say it enough how I love you guys and appreciate the material you produce. The two guys in this film could just melt you away. There stories were told so passionately that I really did think it was scripted. How wonderful it was when you informed me the stories were real life. Again, the best compliment I can give you is THANK YOU from the heart.

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