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Love Yourself From Head To Toe

Added: August 8, 2017 | Runtime: 03:49 | 767 views
Rediscover the art of ecstatic self-massage with this exercise inspired by Brad Leaf Amberheart: http://bradamberheart.com We can actually reach more than 90% of our skin surface and musculature, so why don't we give ourselves more touch? When you learn how to touch, tickle, delight, and invigorate yourself, don't you think you're going to enjoy sex more with your partners? (Hello?!) • Love your heart and your body every day. This means taking a bit of time each morning, evening, or throughout the day to lie or sit still--preferably naked--while you place your hands on various parts of your body. • If possible, do this in a place where you have complete privacy for at least 15 minutes or more. A really effective way to give yourself the time you need is to set a timer. • Let your hands rest, motionless, on your cock, your heart, your belly, your asshole...and tell yourself, "This body is holy. This dick is wonderful. I love my heart. My asshole is precious." It may seem a little funny at first. Good! Laugh! • If you feel ridiculous, then let your whole body laugh...and enjoy it! My personal belief (which is shared by many others) is that laughter is another form of orgasm. Sex lives prosper when infused with more light-heartedness and humor :-) • Begin massaging your arms and hands. You can use your favorite oil. Gently run your thumb down your arm, between the muscles, all the way out to the palm of your hand. You'll also want to see what it feels like to begin at the hand and work your way up the arm. Pay special attention to the hands, for they are a map of the whole body. Your hand--like your body--longs for loving affection and sweet attention. You can literally, with practice, re-train your body to go into states of ecstatic pleasure just by tickling, massaging, or gently scratching your hands! • ALL THE WAY DOWN, ALL OVER. Once you've played with your hands and arms, you can try the same on your feet and legs, as well as your neck, your shoulders, your face (important, especially around the eyes), your scalp, your abdomen, and finally, last but not least... your dick. • Practice massaging your cock in the same creative, loving, experimental ways that you used for the rest of your body. Your cock, like your hands and feet, is also a full-scale representative of your whole body. (Joseph Kramer, founder of the Body Electric School, calls this "cock reflexology”.) Give your dick a nice, relaxing vacation from its standard "rub-tug" routine, and watch how you open portals to new-found bliss! • Notice how good your body is feeling how, and how good it feels to touch yourself as you hear these words spoken aloud: My life is rich and bountiful. I’ve been blessed with everything I need to thrive. I attract people and situations which nourish me and feed my soul. You can also write your own affirmations and place them in front of you, in clear view, while you’re pleasuring yourself. Remember…the more pleasure you can summon in your body, the more these words and concepts will become reality. Positive affirmations are attracted to a body, heart and mind which is already filled with pleasure! • Excite yourself! Hold your cock, while you use your other hand to touch places all over your body. Feel how various places on your body respond by tingling, shivering, shaking, and shouting with delight from being touched! • Allow yourself at least 10 minutes at the end of this exercise to relax, lie still on your back, breathe deeply, give thanks, and prepare to transition into the rest of your amazing life. Overall goal: To remind Men that we can give ourselves therapeutic touch To remind men that we can reach most of our body surface To NOT just get rid of a distracting hard… learning to touch yourself in ways that energize and delight you. The more you touch yourself, the more you activate your erogenous zones Positive affirmation: make affirmations while touching yourself Touching yourself, blessing your body, and affirming life existence through words
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