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Laughter Is Orgasm

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Added 11/12/2018

Categories: Hunks Instructional Oral Sex Games

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Watch Davey and friends discuss Laughter Is Orgasm on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created Laughter Is Orgasm on the Himeros.tv blog.

Bugs Bunny once said, “Don’t take life too seriously… no one gets out alive.”

In a similar way, when it comes to sex, a little laughter can go a long way. And that's also true of porn and erotic videos. Why are they always so serious?!

This video is designed to help guys bring laughter—a true source of life-giving orgasmic fun—back into their sex lives, and experience more prolonged and ecstatic orgasms.

We’re going to use the powerful tool of verbal taboos and role play to make it happen.

First, think of phrases that really excite you but probably feel completely taboo or socially unacceptable. Share them with your partner.

Then, it’s time to play dress-up!

Make sure your repertoire includes lots of things that excite you and your partner, but be sure to make room for some fun surprises, too.

Next, touch each other, playfully. Try some tickle play. Take turns surrendering. Ride that special sweet spot of exhilaration, being sure to give yourself space to breathe.

Before you know it, you’ll be tingling from head to toe. Welcome to the world of laughter and whole-body sensation.

This concept was developed by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

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