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Just Past Noon On A Tuesday

Added: April 2, 2018 | Runtime: 21:47

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday is our first short feature!

Two strangers visit the penthouse of a recently deceased lover, only to find themselves learning more about each other. Directed by Travis Matthews and starring Gustavo Vinagre, Ronaldo Serruya, Lavínia Panunzio, Marco Donnini and João Federici.

Recent Comments:
A powerful film - captures the tension between loss and connection.
Watching paint dry was more exciting
This video won't load properly. Will play for a few seconds, then freeze or just buffers. Have been trying since Monday. Everything else on this site works perfectly.
Travis Matthews' cinema artistry is readily apparent. He places sex between men in intimate context that makes his presentation appealing to those of us who tire of the sterility of porn. I had the opportunity to meet with him briefly a few years back at the summertime gay film fest in Denver. Glad to see he is still producing quality cinema that makes man-to-man relationships real to the diverse lives we lead.
Dr. Rix
Beautiful. I love how sex and playfulness is just part of the day, part of the mourning process, part of being human. I appreciate the himeros is willing to try all kinds of things that paint a wide diversity of our sexuality.
This plot is so weird...
I love how the site is including all kinds of global experiences.
Life is complicated - why isn't our porn? Most porn is situational and out of any real context to our life. This vignette of two people's lives in one moment in time shared with us not only sex but why we were there in that room. The raw realism in this short spoke to me about the beauty of sex, being human and transitions in life. Bravo. Well done. And well done to this site. It is truly different at Himeros. What you have created here is more about learning rather than just a quick tug and you're out - Thank you!
Enjoyed this story.