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Joyfriend Material - Himeros Backstage

Added: April 29, 2022 | Runtime: 57:48 | 860 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv release.
Recent Comments:
You guys made my day. I listen to backstage weekly on my runs in the morning. Today I loved the conversation between Davey and Duane regarding your Vegas trip. You two have such a joyous banter in describing your trip together. Just two friends who really love and admire each other came across in your descriptions of the buffet. Then when Davey asked the question of why he really goes to the gym struck a cord with me. I started examining why I really do things in my like. Finn questioning why he gets tattoos. Davey and that guy in Arizona in the bathroom is something I would do and I'm sure have done. Anyway I could go on about how much I enjoyed you three this morning. Keep up the good work I adore you all.

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